Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Gar Jr.
Gar Jr. wishes you all a safe and happy St. Patty’s Day

I just wanted to post a quick update letting you all know that I’m still around. I know things have been pretty quiet around here, but I do hope to eventually return to a more normal posting schedule – at least a couple of updates per month – as opposed to the one post every few months which has been the case lately. 😉

While it is safe to assume that I don’t find WoW as engaging as I used to, I still enjoy certain aspects of the game very much. Anyone who’s followed this blog over the years can probably guess what those things are.

That’s right…PvP and taming rare Hunter Pets. 😀

At times, I do miss raiding, as well as arena…however, I don’t miss having to schedule game time into my week. My schedule for the past year or two has not been too accommodating as far as WoW is concerned, which is fine. I’ve been a busy guy these days, and for me, escaping into Azeroth isn’t something that’s been either as compelling or as alluring as it used to be. That being said, I still thoroughly enjoy logging on for a few random BGs every now and then.

Not for gear…not for glory…and certainly not for progression, but…simply for fun. 🙂

Although I’m a lot less involved in the game nowadays, I still get a similar level of satisfaction from competing in BGs. It’s a fun diversion for me, and I’ve always enjoyed that sort of instanced-based play – without the need for having to schedule it.

And of course…I’m still a sucker for checking out all of the new and exciting hunter pets – especially if there are taming challenges associated with them. Taming Gumi on the PTR was a WoW adrenaline rush like I hadn’t experienced in years.

So, as you can see…the game still delivers for me, which I think is awesome, and I still love my hunter. 😉

So, what’s been going on?

Apart from the occasional BG and PTR taming challenge, what else have I been up to in-game..? Well, Archaeology is one thing I’ve been devoting more time to, although not for my progression, but for my son’s. My kindergartner has discovered the joys of digging for treasure in Azeroth, so at times I can be found clearing mobs while he surveys the land.

Last month I won the Fishing Contest, which was pretty cool. 🙂 I’d always wanted that Pirate Ring, but I’d only ever managed to attempt the Northrend derby maybe twice – striking out with the Blacktip Shark both times. It was only recently that I realized the rules had changed and the contest moved to Sunday instead of Saturday. When I discovered that, I had to give it a go. Maybe it was beginner’s luck, but my first time trying it I won. 😀

Of course, I hardly ever play any of my alts, so I’m not exactly sure the prize will be put to good use.

Speaking of alts…another thing I did earlier this year was clean house, and by clean house, I mean deleting all of my inactive alts and selling off hoarded mats and gear. After 7 years of playing, I finally came to terms with the fact that I’m never going to level up most of the other characters I started, and I’m sure as heck not going to level any more crafting professions. So…I simplified my life by liquidating a bunch of stored mats and other stuff, and also cleaned up my login screen by saying goodbye to a few old toons.

This was something I’d thought about doing for years, but never got around to as I’d been kidding myself thinking someday I was going to play these toons and would probably need that stuff. Paring down my list of toons and removing the clutter from my banks was a very good move. Makes for a much more simplified and relaxed WoW experience.

At any rate…as for my upcoming agenda…

I would very much like to get an updated version of my UI compilation up on WoWInterface. I had worked on this back in January, but had to stop at one point due to lack of time. I felt I still had a couple of things to tweak, so I didn’t bother updating the package then, but I hope to very soon. I bought a shiny new iMac at the end of last year, which has a slightly bigger screen than my previous machine, so I’ve done a slight bit of rearranging.

I’d also like to post some casual PvP guides for the MoP era. I may not be an uber competitive type, but I’m willing to bet I can teach just about any struggling hunter out there how to have more fun and kick more ass in BGs. If I can find time to scratch together some posts, I’d love to get a few updated PvP guides up.

I don’t profess to be a PvP guru, and I can’t teach you how to earn a Gladiator title, but I can show you how to have fun and visit the spirit healer less often. 😉

You may think I’m trying to brag, and maybe I am…a little, but here’s one reason why I still love this game. I log on tonight to queue a random, after 3 months of PvP inactivity, with me rocking a 467 gear score and a blue gun…thinking I’m probably gonna get wrecked…but nope…

Eye of the Storm
Of course, it is St. Patty’s Day, so maybe everyone was hammered.

And it was a hard fought battle, so it wasn’t like either side was totally out-gunned. Playing a hunter in battlegrounds is still a rush for me.

Hunters are just awesome, and if you haven’t realized that yet, then I want to help you. 😉

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  1. My kids love doing pet battles so I’ll make up a team that need leveling (unless its one of my girls who only wants to battle with “the cutest” pets) and put them in a pet-leveling-appropriate area. Then I take off most of the armor and let them battle pets till the cows come home (I take off the armor in case mobs get them…my kids don’t like the combat so they have had to learn to follow the red arrow when they die =P).

    Good to hear from you, Gar. Hope all goes well!


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