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The forum continues to bug out on occasion. I’ve detected the cause, but I am still looking into how it’s related to the problem. I’m able to correct the issue, but I have to log in each time and manually unf**k things. The forum permalink is somehow being re-assigned when the site runs into memory issues. It’s way beyond my comprehension, but thankfully the IT guys at my hosting company are looking into it. 🙂

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The Forum at

This week I discovered that the forum was down, but it’s all better now. I figured out what was causing it to error out, so if you’ve been unable to access the forums for the past few weeks, know that the issue is now resolved.

I hadn’t been in there for awhile, so I had no idea there was any problem. Thanks to Grimm and Darrwyn for the heads-up. 🙂

The once active forum here at Huntsman’s Lodge had grown pretty quiet during the later part of Cataclysm. Now that Mists of Pandaria is in full swing I’m hoping we can develop a lively forum community here once again.

So, please, post away! I’m even going to try to be a little more active in there myself. 😉

Guests are free to browse all of the threads in there, but if you want to join the discussion, you need to register first.

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