How’s the Hunting in Pandaria?

Those of you who’ve been hard at work tracking down the new rare pets…how have you been managing?

Have you had good fortune?

Are there a few that have been eluding you?

I’ve been pretty lucky so far. I’m 3 for 3 on the new rares I’ve gone after. Not sure who I’ll look for next, but here are the three I’ve tamed so far…


Savage was the first rare I went after, mainly because I like this cat’s model, plus Savage is available to tame at level 85.


Here’s a link to my post about taming Savage.


I went after Stompy because I thought it would be baaad ass to have a goat in my stable. With goats being a new pet type, I had to get one. I like how he bleats when you click on him, too. 🙂


The goat’s cast speed debuff is a nice one to have in your Stampede – mainly for when trying to jam up or dispose of a healer.


I thought it would be fun to hunt for Portent just to see which color I would find. The green version is the one I happened upon.


I haven’t had a chance to use the Quilen’s special ability yet, but I can see the battle res coming in very handy.

So…which of the new rares have you added to your stable? Which ones are you still after?

10 thoughts on “How’s the Hunting in Pandaria?”

  1. I played trial MoP and that only allowed me to get till lvl 85, so I obviously tried the new TRACK finding for rares. I read all about tracks, direction, flares, routes , phasing, etc of Glimmer and I finally got him!

    So, my next step was SAVAGE, but this time the previous lesson was helpful and tamed him on 6 hr tracking.

    and because of lvl cap as trial my experience with rares in MoP ended and I’m craving for more, specially the porcupines to see if my Kiting is good enough to get them all.

  2. Tamed Patrannache last night! Finally ran across his tracks in the Singing Pools and tracked him back towards the one end of his path. His feet are so tiny, nearly had a heart attack when I found them.

    While I might eventually get another of the Pandaria rares, Patrannache was the one I really wanted. Mazzranache was my first tame as a draenei hunter. Ran all the way to Mulgore as a level 10(was 11 by the time I got there) just so I could have the awesome pink bird. I was a little sad when they added the pink tallstriders in the Barrens during Cata, made him alot less rare, but Floyd is still dear to me.

    Now just to figure out a name for my lovely new Patrannache!

    • Not having any luck at all not seeing any tracks went to some of the places specified….nothing! any tips would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  3. New MoP pets:
    1. Glimmer
    2. Savage
    3. Bloodtooth
    Although, not a MoP pet. I have to say the worse/fun pet I solo tamed was Deth’tilac in Molten Front.

  4. I envy you all as I have had no luck with taming any of the new rares yet. I have targeted 3, though. Savage, Stompy and Portent. I hope to get the green Portent as it looks like a jade one and fits the theme of the expansion quite nicely. I want Stompy because who doesn’t want a mean ‘ol goat, amirite? And Savage just has one of the coolest looks to him ever.

    I would love to tame them all but I really don’t know how many other pets I can get rid of. God do I wish they’d give us some kind of phased stable where we can tame a pet and then release it to the stable so we can collect as many of the rare tames as we care to. Gimmie 5 active slots and a phased stable where I can keep the rest.

  5. do you mind if I brag? 😀
    1) Savage (got Savage actually 5 times, 2 for my toons and 3 times for friends)
    2) Glimmer
    3) Portent Blue
    4) the rare Turtle
    5) The rare Porkypine
    6) Stompy (2 times – once for me, once for a friend)
    7) Portent Purple

    Looking for the pink Crane tonight and the last two (the what’chamacallit glen strider and the balask (sorry spelling is bad, I know) later this week. I envy you, I do want the green Portent. 🙂

    • I am lucky/insane enough to have gotten all of them, though I was only motivated enough to get 1 color of Portent (reddish/purple).

      **Copied from my post on my guild website:**
      Bloodtooth (easy)
      Patrannache (bloody difficult, tracks are faint even with low ground clutter, path is the entire zone)
      Hexapos (easy, but have to be BM)
      Rockhide (easy)
      Glimmer (medium, have to be BM, found a spot to camp, the tracks are small, and she is FAST)
      Savage (medium, tracks are hard to see for a majority of the path)
      Bristlespine (medium, huge path, tracks are very noticeable and trackable once you can find them)
      Stompy (easy, tracks are very easy to see against the snow)
      Portent (medium, huge path, tracks are very noticeable and trackable once you can find them; comes in 4 different colors, apparently)


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