Garwulf Claus is Comin’ to Town

Garwulf Claus

In the spirit of giving, I thought it’d be nice to give away some free WoW loot. 😀

From now through the 25th, I will be posting loot codes on the following sites:, and

The loot codes will be first come, first served, and the postings will be totally random. To claim the prize, you’ll have to be the first one on the scene who can redeem it the fastest.

The loot codes will mainly be for fun consumables, with maybe a few pets in there, and possibly some other random items. 😉

To prep you for the ensuing bedlam, visit this page for information how to redeem the loot codes if you have never done so before.

The postings will begin soon, so good luck and Happy Holidays! 😀

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