Massive Spirit Beasts Guide Update

Spirit Beast Guide Update

Today I finally sat down and hammered out a new Spirit Beast Guide. The previous one was ridiculously outdated – having only the four Northrend Spirit Beasts listed, along with information about their really cool Spirit Strike ability.

Updating the guide has been on my list for some time, but I kept putting it off due to me knowing it was going to be a mammoth undertaking. I had big plans for it and I hate half-assing things, ya know…

Since today was my “kick back and watch NFL day”, I decided to couch potato it from my desk chair and do a little multitasking in an effort to try and get caught up on things around here. Well I’m happy to say that I hunkered down and banged out what I believe to be is one of my ‘all-time guides’. It’s pretty much a one-stop rough guide to the Spirit Beasts of Azeroth. I hope you like it, and even more so… I hope it helps many of you achieve some successful tames. 🙂


Garwulf’s Spirit Beast Safari

3 thoughts on “Massive Spirit Beasts Guide Update”

  1. I really appreciate your work with this Gar. Although I now have all 9 and done ‘need’ them (woohoo!) – It was your excellent guide for Krush a few years back which first lead me to your site and I recall logging on regularly to check for Loque, Gondria & Skoll locations and using your maps. So in other words – your guides for finding those rare and unique pets are the soul of your site for me. Thanks for your work!



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