And the winner is…

Random Number - Nightsaber Cub Contest
and the lucky number is...11!


11 was the lucky number and you had the 11th comment, so grats! You’ve won a Nightsaber Cub loot code. 🙂

Eskeeee has been notified, but I’m still awaiting a reply. If I don’t hear back by 10am tomorrow, then I’m going to pick a different winner.

So… those of you that didn’t win may still have a chance.

Update: 11/19 — Nightsaber Cub Runner-Up Winner

Sorry Eskeeee, but I didn’t hear from you so I had to reach back into the hat and pick a different winner.

Nightsaber CubThe second-chance drawing went to hc dang, who responded promptly. 🙂 Grats, hc dang!

I’m thinking that for future contests I may just post the winner on the site, then give them 24 hours to contact me. This way the loot will most definitely go to those that are eager to win it. Kinda like a “must be present to win” sort of thing.

If I was gonna go big and offer a Spectral Tiger, then I’d probably give the winner a week or so to respond, but for this pet loot stuff… I think one day should suffice.

For those of you unaware, I’ve got a Nightsaber Cub loot code up for grabs right here.

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