Who would have thought..?

Celestial Steed WoW Mount

…that a Celestial Steed mount could be this fun?

I’ve always thought they were sorta spiffy looking, but everyone seems to have one, and well… $25.00..?!

Then I changed my tune after Blizz kicked one down to me after their announcement about canceling the WoW magazine. This is a really cool mount. 🙂

Even when I got the mount I was in no hurry to use it. I learned it and went about my business, then a few days ago I hit my GoGo button (which randomly picks one off the hitching post) and it put me up on this guy. I had forgotten about it, which made the experience doubly awesome. It felt very ‘Clash of the Titans’.

Anyway… the reason Blizzard comped me a free Celestial Steed is because I had a pre-paid subscription for the WoW magazine. When they elected to quit the run and cancel future publishing, they sent an email out to subscribers asking if they’d prefer a consolation gift of 6 free Blizzard pet store pets, or a refund on the remaining portion of the subscription. I opted for the pets, ’cause I was thinking… “hey, that’s $60 worth of free pets – I’ll go for that!”

Then I kicked myself afterward because I realized, what the heck do I need 6 companion pets for..?! I should have just gone for the cash, which probably would have been around $40-$45. Oh well… that was money already spent, so may as well do something ‘fun’ with it.

Well, I’m not a huge cutesy companion pet guy, but I’m not regretting the decision anymore. I have only brought out one of the pets so far, but it’s one of my new all-time favorites, and his name’s Lil’ KT. He’s awesome. Took me a little bit to get used to his haunting laugh after every time I killed something, but now I don’t want to play without it. 😀

As an added bonus, Blizzard then sent another email out offering everyone another consolation prize – this one being my new winged space horsey. So all in all, I’m very happy with all of the presents I’ve gotten from Blizz the past few weeks.

So, those of you that were subscribed to the WoW magazine, did you go for the refund or for the loot?

Celestial Steed over Desolace

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  1. I have a free one waiting to redeem as well from the magazine sub cancellation – need to do that this weekend.
    Lovelymoon – call them, you have to send in a written letter and jump through some hoops to get it.


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