Brang’s Hunter PvP Guide Video

I caught this video today and I think it’s fantastic. It’s kinda like a crash-course in Hunter PvP. Unless you’re already throwing down like Garxz, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll glean at least a couple pieces of wisdom from this video.

Brang does a nice job covering stat weights, pet choices, pet abilities, hunter macros, basic tips and strategy. Recommended viewing for those of us looking to improve our PvP huntering abilities.

Anyway… I enjoyed it and figured I’d share it. Thank you, Substance20, for linking this in your comment. 🙂

Level 85 Hunter PvP Guide

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  1. Oh noes I am flushed out! =0

    No prob, Gar, and thanks for posting this. =D Brang’s been one of my favorite Hunters for a long time, although I personally can’t ‘feel’ MM PvP like I do BM…which is ironic given that Brang is admittedly comfortable with MM and doesn’t ‘feel’ BM PvP, if you know what I mean.

    That said, he may not be the best Hunter in his own words, but he’s the king of kiting. People can hardly touch him in his videos unless it was a DK, Warrior, Mage or Rogue, and even then he still manages to get away and get the kills. His strafe kiting should be taken as an example by all MM hunters who could do so*–I’ve seen MM hunters in many brackets fail at kiting. I rush towards them with a big, angry red pet and they begin to backpedal, leaving them open to a nice fat Kill Command. Disengage? Sure, but after that they resume backpedaling.

    That, and his videos can be really entertaining. Especially his Street Fighter Alpha 3 references. =P

    –Substance20 (Gryzor)

    *Some people, like a friend of mine who is left handed, naturally find it difficult to strafe-kite due to their keybinds. The second best option is to jumpshot, but you lose a bit of damage that way if you can’t time your autoshots correctly.

    • Not a bit, a LOT. Problem gets harder when you got a high haste, as you can imagine. It’s still viable as a BM, since the bulk of your damage supposedly comes from the pet (correct me if I’m wrong). But definitely not a good idea as on MM, might as well not PvP at all.

      Point is, learn to kite. Period.

      I can probably become a more effective (not pro/elite, just better than I am now) if I take the time to completely redo my keybinds. It’s possible, I play FPS left-handed it’s just that everything on the keyboard was moved to the right side. But I don’t want to because my current keybinds are “universal” in the sense that it’s easy to adjust between classes, especially the melee classes/specs.

      If anyone knows some sort of addon or something that makes it easy to switch between keybinds depending on class. That would be great XD

    • If concerning Melee attacks, Intervene’s buff procs upon receiving the first attack. However, with regards to DoTs, I believe you can pop Intervene as long as there’s a DoT up on you, and your pet will start taking the damage for you. I’ve tested this recently in Alterac Valley and it seems to work, but if anyone has more info on this matter please feel free to correct me.

        • No problem. As for Spirit Beasts getting Intervene…I wouldn’t count on it. They’d be OP if they had the talent, and pretty soon everybody will want one. I suggest getting a Shale Spider instead for their 3-second stun and the passive BoK ability that they have, in addition to Intervene and Roar of Sacrifice. =)

  2. So, Brang is back. I’ve seen all his videos and he taught me so much about movements, kiting, timing skills and stuff. The only thing that I dont like is that he’s an NE.


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