Coming up for air

I just wanted to post a quick update letting you all know what’s been going on, and what’s on the horizon.

First off, I’ve been tirelessly working on getting settled within this new theme. As you can see, old habits die hard. I tried out the white “news blog” feel for a bit, but eventually reverted to what I feel suits the identity of this site a little better. I apologize to those of you that were grooving on the white layout, but I just wasn’t feeling it as much.

I have loads of new posts for you to see from the eager contributors who approached me with their ideas and input. So far I’ve only been able to publish a few, as I’ve been busy trying to work out usability issues in the back end. There still are some quirks I need to fix, which I’m hoping to address today or tomorrow. One of them being the dark comment counts at the bottom of this post. All in good time.

Now I’d probably have all of this done by now, but unfortunately (or is it fortunately..?) I’ve been a little bogged down with work projects this week. This was unexpected, or else I may have picked another time to go breaking the site. 😉

At any rate, I plan on getting some more of the new articles up today and tomorrow. I’m anxious to publish the rest of the contributors’ posts, as well as smooth out and refine this new layout a little more. Then I’ll be able to get back into a posting rhythm, and who knows… maybe get back to playing some WoW. Eleven arena matches is all that I’ve had time to do for the past five days. 😐

Thank you for being patient while I reconfigure the site. Also, I apologize to any of you who may have been on wondering, “oh no… wtf did he do just now… I can’t read s**t now”! 😉

8 thoughts on “Coming up for air”

    • Thanks Hamlet!

      It’s been a big project for sure. I’ve been working on it ’til the wee hours of the night and have come up with some new and interesting strings of cuss words.

      It’s coming along though. 😉

  1. Good luck with the tinkering Garwulf,

    If I may make a suggestion (request) 😀
    I like to check up on my favorite blogs on my Crackberry Storm, and Euripodies at OutDPS has a feature I love that places the posts in a very blackberry/ipod friendly format. And I’ll check pictures/video/podcasts etc when i get home.

    If that direction is something you would like to pursue I would definately abuse …errr… use it. 😀

    Thanks, Carnage and Trauma


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