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My guild has Trial of the Crusader 25 Man on farm, so it’s time to try out Heroic mode…

Trial of the Crusader 25 man

Now that I’m #29 in our guild for gear score, up from #40 the previous week, I’m feeling pretty pumped, raid buffed and ready to rock.

We have most of our top raiders in here too.

We’re one-shotting this mofo on normal, so we should at least be able to down Jaraxxus tonight…


Northrend Beasts Trial of the Crusader 25 Man Heroic

Heroic mode is a bitch.

However, the good news is that I was actually really damn close to my actual spreadsheet best possible DPS. 😀

See there… like how I put a positive spin on what appeared to be a sh**ty situation..? 😉

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  1. We’ve downed the first bosses in 10 man heroic with relative ease, but that may have been due to us having 10 of our best. Most 25 mans seem to leave a little room for error, but this encounter looks to be one where every single person needs to be on their game.

    Thanks for the advice!

    @ Puru

    I’d just been letting my pet sit on Gormokk the entire time, but I see what you’re saying. I’ll have to try that this week. Thanks!

    @ Jeff

    Thanks for the tip on using cleave w/ the snowbolds as the primary target.

  2. Have your melee switch to the snobolds and cleave. teh cleave will still hit gormok, but not the other way around. also have the raned run to the melee so they can hit it, and then just run out after its dead.

    ranged tank the stationary worm if you have a geared lock. just have a tank pick it up when it switches.

    strafe when youre targeted by icehowl. there is no speed buff so if you can spread out your hunters aspect of the pack, it will help.

  3. About snowbolds, there is a good way to support your people – just turn your’s pet Growl on and send him to attack kobold. That way pet will hold aggro and receive damage, but person under the kobold can cast freely all he wants.

  4. Nah, this one is more of teamwork check rather than gear. Our guild made about 110 tries 2 month ago, before we get 1st kill. Today, when ALL our people learn how quickly move out from fire, keep range on worms, not to stay in acid, and propeply run from icehowl charge we crack this guys like on easy mode.

    Also, from what i see on the screenshot your gear and dps are more than enough for this.

    • @ Gioh

      At first we were having a hard time keeping the MT up, so then we decided to have all ranged focus-fire the Snowbolds as they appeared. If a healer got jumped and we didn’t nuke the Snowbold down quick, it was game over. Since this pulled a lot of DPS from Gormokk, he would be at around 25% when the Jormungars entered. Only a few times were we able to drop him once this happened. By that time, over half the raid was gone.

      Finally we just started having ranged switch to only the casters with Snowbolds. If melee had one, then they’d just have to tank it until Gormokk was down. We were able to get Gormokk down a bit further by doing this, but it was still pretty much a wipe within about 20 seconds of the worms entering the arena. It just seemed as if we didn’t have the DPS to burn down the bosses quick enough.

      Good to know that the first boss isn’t easy. 😉

      I’m thinking I may have to do a little


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