Tier 10 Hunter

MMO Champion posted previews of four of the upcoming Tier 10 sets, including the Hunter T10. Currently they have 3 different models previewed, each one a different color.

I’m kinda liking this model. The boots are a little goofy, but the whole thing works. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek.

Tier 10 Hunter

Tier 10 Hunter set bonuses were also announced. Don’t bank on them going live as they are now, but here’s what went up on the Patch 3.3 PTR:

  • Hunter Tier 10 2 Pc Bonus – Your Auto Shots have a 5% chance to cause you and your pet to deal 15% additional damage for until cancelled.
  • Hunter Tier 10 4 Pc Bonus – Your Shot abilities deal 4% increased damage to targets afflicted with Viper Sting, Serpent Sting, or Wyvern Sting.

The 2 pc bonus looks like another buff geared towards Beast Mastery. Depending upon how long the buff lasts, this could be a huge buff for the hasted Beast Mastery Hunters, as they’ll have a greatly increased proc rate on the bonus.

The 4 pc bonus is just a straight 4% increase to Hunter DPS. It looks a little clunky to me, so I’d expect to see that one undergo some changes. However, I won’t argue with a 4% passive damage bonus. 😉

Both bonuses look a little unpolished at the moment, with the 2 pc bonus tooltip reading a bit funny and incomplete. I’m sure there will be more updates on this throughout the week over at MMO Champion.

14 thoughts on “Tier 10 Hunter”

  1. The good thing about our armor set is that if in the event we ever run out of ammo (cough) not me (cough) I can always headbutt em. Takes moshpits to new heights!

    On a serious note, man I think they are ugly but stats are good even if they get toned down.

  2. Good point. I never considered that BM gets off more Auto Shots. Still I feel this is a nice bonus (so far) for all three classes. Knowing how many autoshots I get off as MM in any given fight I know it’d be a really nice benefit. Although I’m expecting some sort of time limitation on this. As it’s written at the moment, forever is a long time.

  3. @ Fawatam

    When I insinuated that the buff was “geared towards Beast Mastery”, it was because in a given time frame of say 6 minutes, a BM Hunter is going to get off way more auto shots than MM or SV. So, depending on the length of the proc, a BM Hunter would be apt to have more uptime on it due to their higher percentage of auto shots being cast. It’s the same reason why BM Hunters have higher uptime on IAotH.

    @ Perceuss

    I’m sure it’ll “look a lot better” once you’re 5/5 T10. Trust me. 😉

    @ Anazul

    I doubt this is finished. My guess is it will be for a set length of time, ie: 10-20 seconds, and possibly carry with it an internal cooldown of some sort, ie: Lock and Load. I’m also going to assume the 15% figure is off as well, unless it’s only going to apply to white damage.

    I’m just reporting the facts. I did state that the bonuses looked unpolished and incomplete. Don’t be too down about it everyone… a lot can change between now and when it hits live servers.

  4. The way that I understand the 2pc bonus by reading it is that there is a 5% chance from Auto Shot that you will proc the buff (+15% damage) and that it will last until you change targets or turn off your Auto Shot.

    If this is the case… Well… That’s just ridiculous.

  5. This is the dumbest looking set…..with the exception of the PvP sets for hunters….we have hoof boots and claw gloves…..are we trying to pass as a druid? Oh wait druids don’t have a stupid knife/horn sticking out of their foreheads!

  6. How do you figure the 2 piece is a buff to BM when it isn’t a buff to SV and MM?
    “a 5% chance to cause you AND your pet to deal 15% additional damage”

    Seems to me buffing hunter and pet dps is a buff to well, everyone. I expect the numbers to get nerfed a bit on all the tier gear, not just the hunter. A lot of it is great ideas, but really, 15% damage until canceled (What does that even mean really) sounds a little ridiculous. The rest of the tier sets are filled with this kind of inflation that I really can’t imagine will survive the PTR.


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