Arena = Frustration

The new patch goes live on Tuesday, and with it marks the end of Arena Season 4. Points will still be able to earned and items purchased, but by server shutdown on Tuesday morning you’d better have reached your target rating for one of the coveted Arena titles. My MS Warrior 2v2 Partner and I made a push for 1800 tonight in hopes that we could attain Rival and get me my Vengeful Gladiator’s Longbow. Sadly though, after about a zillion matches we ended the night at 1643.

We started out very well, reaching 1760 within our first 30 minutes or so. Then came the arena rollercoaster that Blizz likes to put you on until you’re ready to get off. We were stuck in the 1700-1750 range for a good 2 hours facing Warlock/Priest, Warlock/Rogue, Warlock/Pally, and Warlock/Druid. Any team with a good Warlock presents us with a tough challenge. 4/5 times one of us would be left to 1v1 the remaining opponent only to have the DoTs still ticking away just enough to give their team the winning edge. Fun stuff.

If it weren’t for the fact that it’s 1800 or bust right now, I’d have called it a night long before. I typically like to quit after 2-3 straight losses, that way you never dig too big of a hole. Some nights are just plain bad.  No matter how well you play you’ll start seeing counter teams one after the other with full s3/s4 gear. It can get pretty frustrating.

Well, there’s still tomorrow and Monday night for that final push. I know the bow will be replaced after a few weeks or months in Northrend, but I’d still really like to have it. Not to mention Rival would be a nice accomplishment for a Hunter/Warrior team. We’ve made it as high as 1787 before, but just can never seem to hit that magic number. A little luck is all we need and maybe some good juju from the Arena Gods. Wish us luck.

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