Evil is Nearly Unleashed

Less than one hour until the launch of Diablo 3… I’m pretty excited about this – how about you?

As many of you may have noticed…things have been awful quiet around here lately. I haven’t had much time for gaming – but whatever time I have had to kill bad guys (or talk about killing bad guys) – that’s been going on in Diablo III.

I am excited about Mists, but right now my main focus is on D Monsters (as my son calls it).

D Monsters
My 4 year old killing bad guys in the D3 beta...parenting at its finest.

Garwulf on the Twisted Nether Podcast

I’ve been asked to appear on the Twisted Nether Podcast later this month, which will be on May 26th (at 8pm PDT…I think). I’m not sure what Hydra has in store for me, but it should be a fun time. 🙂

Forum Login Issues

I’ve had a few of you send me email – complaining about an issue with the forum preventing you from logging in. My apologies. I was previously unaware of this error – and I did try to correct it – but apparently the issue persisted. I’ve been so busy with other things lately that I haven’t been on the site too much, which is why I didn’t follow up on this.

However…tonight, I believe I pinpointed the problem and I think it’s resolved. Those of you unable to get into the forum area – please let me know if you’re still having trouble logging in.

Alright…well that’s about it for now.

30 minutes and counting…

Those of you playing Diablo 3…which class will you be rolling first?

15 thoughts on “Evil is Nearly Unleashed”

  1. Rayman is amazing, you will love it. My 5 years old son (he dinged 5 this month) is currently playing it on our Xbox360 and I tell you this…

    He uses the pad like a pro, I couldn’t believe it… until I saw him in action.

    Diablo III goes into “gore” quite fast, after you leave Act I. There are too many rotten corpses, worms, monsters of any kind and nasty stuff to watch in my opinion.

    Monsters are fine (my son draws them all the time) but those you will find in Rayman are much more “cartoonish” and funny. Well, give it a try and let me know 🙂

  2. Just got it the other night. Level 4 Witch Doctor, on my way to find Deckard Cain.

    Pretty fun stuff, and pretty basic. I enjoy it so far. Didn’t get to play much of Diablo 2, so most of my memory is from Diablo 1.

    • Right on. Let me know how you like the WD.

      Diablo I ruled. The storyline, the music, the feel of the game…In my opinion, that game was MUCH scarier than D2 or D3.

  3. I’m a proud father of 2 young boys (5 and 2 years old) but I honestly think diablo is not the most appropriate videogame for that age. Not to mention 4 years old. I respect your decisions, you know your son as no one else. But in my opinion you should focus his mouse/keyboard skills on something for his age.

    Diablo II got a 17+ mature rating (US) and 15+ in EU. Not to sound pedant but 4… really?

    • Well, he’ll be five next week… 😉

      In all honesty, I can understand how many would see it as inappropriate, but my son has some really good filters in place. If you knew he and I personally – and were witness to our father/son relationship – you probably wouldn’t give it another thought. He views the whole experience as just “getting bad guys” – and he is fully aware it’s “just a story and not real”. It doesn’t frighten him, nor has it caused him to act violently or use inappropriate language, etc…

      Although mature video games weren’t around back when I was a youngling, my parents exposed me to certain movies – with parental supervision & the understanding that it was “not real”. My dad took me to see the original ALIEN when I was 7. >_< ...and although it could be subject for debate...I think I turned out alright. 😉 I feel that as long as the graphic violence is totally unrealistic and obviously fantasy - I don't have much of a problem with it. As far as TV goes...I will not allow him to view anything inappropriate as far as that's concerned. Some would disagree, but I see a big difference between violence portrayed in a fantasy video game, as opposed to real life actors and actresses playing it out on screen. To me, it's easier to distinguish fantasy from reality in a video game vs a movie or TV - featuring real people. I know that when Torchlight 2 comes out he'll be all over that one, which is probably a little more appropriate for a youngster.

      • Ever seen/heard of the game “Fate”? It’s like Diablo, but a little more simplistic and not as “gritty” as Diablo. My mother who is physically handicapped plays it a lot. I’ve tried my hand at it a few times as well and it isn’t half bad.

      • I’ve been in the TL2 beta weekend and yes, it looks like a good choice for you little one. That said, I am confident you’re a mature and intelligent father and you know better than anyone else what’s good (and what is not) for your son. I just feel D3 is a bit too strong and crude for a young mind 🙂

        On a side note, let me suggest you to buy Rayman Origins. It’s a superb 1-4 coop platform with amazing animations, musics, sounds, charactrs and challenges. I play with my 5years old boy on the TV and he loves it. Available on PC too, but I feel it’s a little better on the couch with pads 🙂

        Rayman Origins

        • That game looks great for him. Thanks!

          He was pretty goofy over this online Nicktoons game called MonkeyQuest, but he grew tired of it after about 2 months. That game was a little cheesy – even for a 4-5 year old – plus there were always interrupts due to server load.

          I would like a few alternative options for him, so that D3 isn’t necessarily his go-to game. I mean, we do a lot of other stuff besides sit at the computer, but there are times when he needs to occupy himself while I’m getting some work done.

          The content in the beta didn’t cause me much concern, but as I progress through the live version (currently mid-way through Act 2) I am seeing and hearing things that are making me cringe a bit. That Rayman Origins game looks like a good redirect. 😉 And it’s on special!

  4. I can log on to the forums once again Garwulf. As for D3 I will eventually get to playing it, but first I have to get to downloading it. I got the free digital copy from signing up for the WoW annual pass.


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