Handy Dandy Fishing Macro

Kalu'ak Fishing Derby

This post is not hunter specific, but it’s something I’d been meaning to share for awhile…

My Handy Dandy Fishing Macro

#showtooltip Fishing
/equip Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole
/equip Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/use Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/use Fishing
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Yes folks… I have a macro for just about everything. 😉

While this may seem needless and a bit silly, it’s actually quite practical. This macro takes care of many tasks…

  • It equips all of my fishing gear.
  • It automatically applies a lure when the buff falls off.
  • It casts my fishing pole.

Pressing the macro for the first time will equip your fishing gear and apply a lure. After that, the macro will simply cast your fishing line. When your lure wears off, the macro will automatically reapply it when needed. There are a couple of other lines in there to mute the error spam (fishing lure not ready yet, etc.), but still allow you to still hear the whiz of the fishing reel, as well as the splash of water when you have a fish on the line.

The macro just basically makes it really easy to toss on all of your +fishing gear, equip your pole, and never forget to keep your fishing lure buff applied. Nothing super fancy, but a space-saving convenience macro nonetheless. It’s a one-button solution for fishing. 🙂

Those of you who like to do a little fishing now and again – you should try it. Be sure to replace or add any additional pieces of equipment if your fishing gear differs from mine.

I created it a few months ago when I started going after the Blacktip Shark. I haven’t had any luck catching it yet, but at least the event caused me to script this macro. 😉

8 thoughts on “Handy Dandy Fishing Macro”

  1. Tried this out but added the line “/use Captain Rumsey’s Lager”. Unfortunately this consumes a Lager for every cast. Do you have a line that would only use a Lager only when that spell has run out?
    Also added the line “#show Speckled Tastyfish” at end to keep track of how many I had caught.

    • Unfortunately you can’t macro in any commands that run a check. The ‘use’ command works well if the item’s buff matches its cooldown duration, but in this case you’d have to manually use it or else you’ll run out of rum! 😀

  2. Well before I even joined this site this week, I have spent many lonely camping moments researching on this site for spawn timers, pet info etc….I did recently come across the macro for taming the new cata pets which was (see if my granny brain works right)

    /cast deterence
    /cast tame beast

    I made that into a macro I called Tame…..so I set up the action bar as follows (MM) for taming skarr and karkin:
    Button #1: tame beast (after I target him with npcscan)
    Button #2: silence shot
    Button #3: macro ‘Tame’
    Button #4: tame beast (again just in case I needed it)

    it worked great for these tames and I wanted to say thanks for the macro…..its awesome!

  3. Good luck with the shark. That little guy is tricky.

    I use an addon called Fishing Buddy. Does everything with 1 push of a button and it keeps a log of all the fish you have caught in every pool, lake, river, or ocean. I find it very useful :3

  4. Hi Gar,

    I use a similar macro when I’m fishing, however I had been caught a few times running through a dungeon or a battleground wielding my trusty fishing pole so I added another line right at the top to re-equip my battle gear set:

    /equipset [mod:shift] PVP; [mod:alt] PVE

    Of course you can adjust what modifier equips what set as you prefer. I hope you and your readers find this little addition helpful.



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