This is more like it

I just peeped this update to Ferocious Inspiration over at MMO-Champion. Seems the latest PTR build has a new and improved Ferocious Inspiration that includes both Arcane Shot and Steady Shot.

Ferocious Inspiration

See… I knew there was going to be more love on the way. 🙂 Everyone’s happy now too. I’m pleased that my PvP damage isn’t going to be nerfed further, plus I’ll have harder hitting Steadies for those rare occasions that I am able to fire a few.

PvE BM hunters though… you guys have to be stoked. This is a most welcome change for sure. 😀

Beast Masters rejoice!

9 thoughts on “This is more like it”

  1. Wow, this is delicious news for BM hunters! I’m really glad, as on a recent heroic I ran I noticed my steady and arcane shot damages were almost the same, so the previously announced “buff” to steady shot was almost nonexistent to my overall damage. This though…this has me drooling. Can’t wait to see what BM hunters can dish out with this!

  2. Between this latest change and the proposed change to the number of pets we can tame, my legs are getting tired from constantly doing the happy dance!

    Could they make me love my BM hunter any more? I don’t know.

  3. Funny; and I just dumped Oozeworm in favor of a Wasp for when I occasionally run a 10-man. I’m glad I held on to my Silithid for PvP now, though!

    I might even do a little PvE where the fight is accommodating; like Rotface or Putricide. I certainly wouldn’t want to be BM for the Airship Battle or Blood Prince Council.


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