DPS – From a tank’s perspective

Lehypally, Protection PaladinRecently, I have been neglecting my hunter somewhat. I know… Ten lashes for Lehyton!

Lately, I have really enjoyed tanking with my Paladin. Plus, I have found that learning to tank properly has improved my overall gaming skills and understanding of encounters significantly.

The most important first principle of tanking is to stay alive. That cardinal virtue is generally subject to the following maxim:

1. If the tank dies, it’s the healer’s fault;
2. If the healer dies, it’s the tank’s fault.

Oh, and of course…

3. If the DPS dies, it’s their own darn fault!

In this last item of the maxim lies a truth that far too many DPS have not yet grasped – and that in fact, I myself did not fully understand until becoming a proficient tank.

Now by “proficient”, I do not mean that I am one-shotting ICC25 or anything… but I am comfortable tanking ToC25 and ICC10.

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Meet Lehyton, aka Lehypally

Lehypally, Prot Paladin

My name is Lehyton, and I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute to my favorite go-to place for Hunter info. Garwulf has seen something in my WoW background and experience that might be useful to a few of you, and I just hope that he is correct about that!

First, a little about me. I am a raid leader for the Alliance daytime raiding guild, VoG on the Muradin server (a medium population PvE realm). I have been playing WoW for around 2 years, and did not start raiding until a short while after WotLK had been released. I now have a number of 80s, all Alliance and all on the Muradin server, including a Prot/Ret Paladin, a Resto/Feral Druid, and a Frost DK.

My hunter, Lehyton, was my first 80 and is my favored DPS class, though I have recently classified my Pally as my “main” and am tanking more and more. I also have a Warrior and a Shaman in the 70s and, when I am devoid of anything else to do (which is a rare occurrence), I spend a bit of time leveling them.

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