The World of Warcraft Economy

Gettin' PaidBefore I turned in last night I went to WoWInsider to catch up on some of the latest WoW news. I saw this article that inspired me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile – create a dedicated banking character and park him in Ironforge. My wife does this and it works out great for her.

I only have one available character slot on my realm and I’ve been apprehensive about filling it with a level 1 banker. Lately I’ve been using my level 22 Warlock, but his bank’s full of mats for leveling his professions (when I decide to play him again).

Probably what I’ll end up doing is transferring my level 58 Dwarf Hunter to a different server, therefore leaving me 2 available slots. That way I can make a banker toon, but still have one space available for that Rogue I’ve always wanted to create, or perhaps for the next hero class.

I’m so old school I have an 80 NE Hunter who’s a Lieutenant Commander and a level 58 Knight Captain Dwarf Hunter. I rolled the Dwarf because I wanted to tame more pets, try out mining, have the uber engineering advantage for PvP, and for the treasure finding. I used to love playing him, but somewhere along the way I got a renewed interest in playing Garwulf and never went back to playing Thorgren (my Dwarf) again. I think it’s time to unleash him on a new realm.

So anyway, one of the things I plan to do this weekend is to create a level 1 banker, deck him out in some fine threads and play the auction house. It’ll be so nice to only have to worry about one toon for buying and selling.By the way, if any of you reading this haven’t tried out the Postal addon, please do, it’s a fabulous time saver. You can open all of your mail with one click, provided your bags have enough space. It has a host of other cool features such as a recipient list, and the ability to send items using alt-click. Check it out.

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