Solaryn, Hunter Tank

Solaryn, Hunter TankGreetings all you obsessive hunters out there. I am Solaryn, a Night Elven Hunter on Aggramar. Over five years ago I began my adventure as a young budding huntard, and I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way. Beyond the constant and tireless focus to top the DPS charts, I’ve begun to wander into the less conventional roles of a hunter.

Garwulf has recruited me to explore some of these mysteries and oddities of the unconventional hunter. No class is as simple or as complicated as the hunter. Certainly, none as misunderstood by others as well.

While my occasional post may concern a hunter’s role in groups and raids or how to maximize DPS, my primary goal will be to explore the creativity of myself and other hunters in atypical situations. How to make hunters work together to accomplish quite surprising tasks, and reprise roles thought impossible for our class by many.

I have two talent profiles, my DPS profile for standard groups and raiding, and my tanking profile for that side of me that itches for danger and excitement.

The world of a hunter is vast and wonderful, and we’ve merely scratched the surface…

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    • BM hunters can make tank speccs i use to have one when i use to farm onyixa back when she was a lv 60 raid 🙁 though its still fun to solo kara bosses xD


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