I missed the memo

After killing this blasted weed 12 times over for these shoulders, I was so flipping happy when Razorlash finally coughed them up.

Phytoskin Spaulders

That was until I logged in on this toon post patch 4.0.3a…

Normally I’m on top of this sort of stuff, but lately I’ve been spread a little thin and must’ve missed the mention about Maraudon having its level requirement reduced. 😡

Prior to this week’s patch, Phytoskin Spaulders were just below the BoA shoulders in terms of best-in-slot for 49 hunters. Now they’re just a stopgap item for rogues, feral druids and hunters while leveling through their 30’s.

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Cross-Battlegroup Battlegrounds?!

I’ve just learned that come Cataclysm, battlegrounds will no longer be limited to servers from a particular battlegroup, but rather, a region. I mean… holy s**t!

From the Official WoW Forums:

We’re currently expecting both normal and rated battlegrounds to be cross-battlegroup (within a region) for the launch of Cataclysm. So, players queueing from anywhere in north america (for example) could play vs players on any north american battlegroup, etc. This applies to all regions, not just north america.

Also, read this post over at WoW.com.

That is freaking amazing!

This means that queues will be popping like mad and we’ll have opportunities to encounter players from all of the battlegroups within our respective regions. I can’t wait!

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