I missed the memo

After killing this blasted weed 12 times over for these shoulders, I was so flipping happy when Razorlash finally coughed them up.

Phytoskin Spaulders

That was until I logged in on this toon post patch 4.0.3a…

Normally I’m on top of this sort of stuff, but lately I’ve been spread a little thin and must’ve missed the mention about Maraudon having its level requirement reduced. 😡

Prior to this week’s patch, Phytoskin Spaulders were just below the BoA shoulders in terms of best-in-slot for 49 hunters. Now they’re just a stopgap item for rogues, feral druids and hunters while leveling through their 30’s.

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DIY 49 Twink Hunter

Princess Theradras downed by a 49 hunter

Back in January, I took a few weeks off from raiding, heroics, BGs, and all things Garwulf. I didn’t play WoW at all for over a week, and when I did get the itch to play, I returned to Azeroth as my Orc Hunter. Sometimes it’s just nice to detach from the end-game grind and have a little “fun”.

So what did I do over those couple of weeks before I went back to Northrend raiding, PvP and heroic dailies, arena, and all the other level 80 activities? I twinked out my 49 Orc Hunter.

While that may not sound very exciting to some of you, there is a reason you may find this interesting… I did nearly all of it by myself. I soloed every single boss to get my needed equipment, and financed all of my own enchants, etc.

I rolled him on a PvP server where I didn’t know a soul, which means I’m a self-made Orc, having received no help whatsoever from a wealthy main character or in-game friends. I’m also unguilded, by choice of course. I’m a stranger in a strange land so to speak.

Anyway, my gold reserves received a little help from 2 lucky drops – Dazzling Longsword and Basilisk Hide Pants (which I nearly equipped), but most of my gold was made via playing the auction house and selling farmed cloth and raw gems. I wasn’t looking to get rich on this toon, but properly equipping a twink is an expensive endeavor due to the enchants necessary.

For the most part, I’d been leveling in the BGs with the occasional romp through an instance, if I was able to find a group that is. While I do enjoy the BGs for leveling, I like the change of scenery and chance at upgrades that go along with running instances. However, if there are no groups available to run said instances, then it’s time to put on the daddypants and run these damn instances myself.

After all… I am a hunter. Apart from my pet, I don’t need any help from anyone else. I’ll just go into these instances and take my loots.

Anyway, shortly after I began this endeavor I was having so much fun with it, I decided to turn my experience off and go for it. I wasn’t going to stop until I obtained everything on my shopping list.

I didn’t intend for this toon to be a twink, and I don’t necessarily plan on keeping him at 49 either. I’m just taking things slow on my journey to 80 and enjoying myself along the way.

My plan is to continue trying to solo old content and engage in some world PvP while at this level. No-experience BG queues never pop in my battlegroup, so the closest I ever come to PvP is if someone tries to gank me while I’m out “questing” and “minding my own business”. You know what I mean… I’m not looking for any trouble. 😉 KEK

I’ll tell you what though… when I do decide to level out of 40-49 and re-enter the BGs, Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin will be flowing red with the blood of the alliance. 😈

Alright… get comfy and prepare to read about my Rambo-esque trip through Mara. 😉

Operation Maraudon


The following is a recount of my adventures, and an instructional guide on how to go about soloing some of the Maraudon bosses for some delicious 49 hunter loots. I also ventured into Uldaman for a couple of items, but it’s really easy-mode compared to Mara. Not much to discuss there. Well, here we go…

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