State of the HuntsmansLodge Address

Being that today marks the two year anniversary of, I figured what better time to comment on its past, present and future.

Well… that, and if I didn’t roll out a new post soon, I feel I’d have many of you somewhat concerned.

The Origins

The idea for first hit me back in February of 2008. Creating a hunter site of my own seemed like an interesting idea at the time, so I went ahead and registered the domain name. For months I thought about getting the site rolling, but due to other responsibilities and commitments, it remained in gestation for nearly a full term.

It wasn’t until October 8, 2008, that I finally decided to take the plunge into the World of WoW Hunter Blogging.

At that particular point in time, I was likely to either quit the game or start this site. Simply put, I was running out of reasons to justify my time spent in Azeroth.¬†Having Wrath of the Lich King on the horizon gave me a little spark, but what enabled me to maintain my interest and motivation was the thought of being able to help others. I felt that if I could add some purpose to my playing by providing a valuable resource on the web, then I’d feel a bit better about all of my /played.

I’ve never been one of those players who’s going to walk away from this game someday, later reflecting upon what a wonderful time in my life it was… how many great friends I made along the way… blah, blah, blah… I mean, it’s a fun diversion, but c’mon… This game will suck the life force out of you – don’t kid yourself.

I felt that others could benefit from my take on the game, because I treat it as such. WoW is a game and we’re supposed to have fun playing it. It’s not about investing insane amounts of time trying to obtain virtual goals, achievements, items or status – – it’s about having fun. My aim has never been to make you the best hunter on your server, but to help you enjoy the World of Warcraft.

At any rate…

My intention was to create a place where I could share information, advice, stories and other random silliness with others who would appreciate it. I felt if I could help others to enhance their enjoyment of WoW and the hunter class, then I was doing something worthwhile.

The theme of the site was simply going to be that there was no theme. Most of the sites that existed then were all centered around raiding, and I had no desire to be another PvE, raiding-focused site. I enjoy many aspects of the game – especially PvP and rare pet safaris. (to be continued…)

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