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BigRedKittyToday I was finally able to sit down and catch this past week’s Hunting Party Podcast with guest, BRK. If you don’t currently listen to this podcast, then I highly recommend you check it out. It’s hosted by Frostheim of WHU, Euripides of OutDPS! and Darkbrew of the This past weekend, they interviewed hunter legend, BRK. This is a show not to be missed.

For those of us familiar with BRK, hearing his voice again is a breath of fresh air. The man is dripping with wit, wisdom and enthusiasm. I can think of no person I’d rather have out there submitting bug reports, making suggestions, and setting the stage for hunters in the upcoming expansion. Also, be sure to check out his Cataclysm-Alpha NDA notes, if you aren’t already.

Here’s an example of why BRK is such a great choice for blazing the trail for the rest of us hunters…

“I don’t want the class to be limited by the math. I want it to be enhanced by the player’s love of the class and the spec.”

The hosts were pretty silent during that point of the interview. 😆

BRK has always had such a positive and infectious attitude towards playing a hunter. Even if it’s just as a part-time BRK, I hope he plans on making his return to Azeroth an extended stay. 🙂

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  5. Congratulations Whuumper!-Your comment #19 devolving a thread into the standard innernets ‘wtfcares??!!!” guy is a failure/loser/whatever” comment.
    All that aside Whuumper, please provide a link to your website of goodness, guidance, enlightenment and weapon naming. Always eager to learn I am.
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Why should I care to the advice of a man who in real life was a self admitted fail.

    He could have still played and ran his website whilst working to achive his family goals.So he is back whoop de do,whilst we have grinded all the way through.Toc /Icc etc.

    Where was his guidance ? Kripparrian/Garwulf/KillerRabbit and a slew of others were there for us. You were good,thats about all .Personally I turn the page on him,he has a weapon to his credit .

    Now go back to your self imposed exile.Sorry, but its how I feel…Does he even have the heroic weapon named after him ?

    • Look Whuumper….no one has said you “should” care about BRK’s opinion. People have only stated why they do care about his opinion. I think you’re being overly harsh by implying that Daniel’s life has been an admitted fail. Sure, he admitted to having failings, but that’s not the same as his saying that his whole life is fail. And just as you’re entitled to your personal opinion, so am I…and my opinion is that Daniel’s personal life has nothing to do with his wanting to share his love of huntering again with us. So don’t even bother bringing it up.

      If you’ve turned the page on him, fine. Doesn’t mean the rest of us have to. Hell, the rest of us DON’T WANT to. WTH does the gun being named after him have to do with anything anyway?

    • I was going to just delete Whuumper’s comment and save myself the headache, but eh… I’m a glutton for self punishment I guess.

      BRK was/is not beholden to anyone. During his reign, he contributed so much to the hunter community that even if he remained “retired” and never spoke of WoW again, he still would forever remain the most revered and cherished representative the hunter class has ever known.

      The man had matters to tend to that took precedence over WoW… GASP! I know… what on earth could possibly be more important than helping Whuumper navigate the trials of Icecrown Citadel..?! Fortunately, those that share your sentiments are a scarce few. In fact, I’ve yet to see anyone display anything less than sheer glee at the news of BRK’s return to WoW.

      Get a grip.

      Be happy he’s back, we’re all better for for it. 😉

  7. I don’t think we have different views — in fact I suspect most hunters would agree that they’d be happy to see all 3 specs competitive with each other. I do believe that everyone should do the most they can do to contribute to the raid, to get the most out of their class as they can, and I suspect BRK agrees there. After all, he dropped BM for SV after the BM nerf for just that reason — to bring the most DPS he could, because he’s a pure DPS class and that’s our job 🙂 But he’s talking about the way things *should* be, rather than how to react to the way things are.

    But really, when someone says “not limited by the math” what are you going to say? That’s crazy talk! It’s all math, always, everywhere!

    However I’m sure the meaning was that all specs should be *capable* of performing within a small margin of each other, thus you’ll be apt to do best with whatever spec you enjoy the most, because that’s the one you’ll put the most effort into. As opposed to right now you get the most out of the spec that is best (for your gear level), and you get a heck of a lot more out of it than other specs.

    But we’ll always be limited by, or defined by, or described by the math. And that’s good. We need the math to make scientific assessments of the specs. With the new mastery system, it’s easy for blizz to adjust the specs if they aren’t balanced — but we gotta realize that they aren’t balanced, and by how much, before we can get them adjusted!

    • But really, when someone says “not limited by the math” what are you going to say? That’s crazy talk! It’s all math, always, everywhere!

      Classic! I know, I know… I just pictured you peering at BRK through your Frostheim Goggles thinking, “blasphemy”!

      See my reply to Euripides. ^

    • Uhhhhhh….I was told there’d be no math on this test. =P

      Seriously, though, what a GREAT podcast. I simply liked listening to all the participants who each LOVE being a hunter for their various reasons talking about the greatness that is huntering. Thanks so much to Frost and the gang for giving BRK an outlet he felt comfortable with to reach back out to the hunter community. My favorite part of the whole thing was listening to BRK get all excited about making beta movies! His WotLK beta movies were some of the funnest things ever and I can’t wait to see the Cata ones.

      Thanks again gang and remember….BRK says BM rulz, SO IT RULZ! Here endeth the lesson. =P

  8. I think BRK is great and his re-discovered enthusiasm is very enjoyable. I do have a problem with his espoused ideas regarding pets going forward in Cataclysm. While increased pet management should be part of the BM playstyle, As a Marksman hunter I want no part of micro-managing my pet. I have enough abilities of my own to manage and with the changes to our resource from mana to focus, that will be more than enough to worry about.

    • I think he was just talking about BM hunters macro managing their pets. Either way, it’d be fun to have more control of your pet somewhat on other specs IMO.

    • Bolder63,

      As Ibraha said, I’m pretty sure he meant that exclusively for BM hunters. His point was to make it so that all three specs offered a similar level of complexity, as well as a comparable variety of skill choices. Currently, BM is a little lacking with abilities and cooldowns, so adding in some additional pet micromanagement would boost that some.

      I think it’s an awesome idea. It would not only help to remove the stigma of BM being thee huntard spec, but it would also allow the best of the best to shatter the build’s proverbial glass ceiling.

  9. For the record, if we were a little silent after that point, it was because we weren’t sure if he was done 🙂

    I personally agree with that philosophy, and would love nothing more than to see the top 200 guilds in pve progression have 33% of each spec represented.

    • He had the floor and was making his point for sure… I just chuckled knowing how his opinion differed from that of your three’s views on bringing the max dps spec to raids (well, Frosts for sure anyway). I don’t believe there’s a right or wrong answer to the age old question, it’s just refreshing hearing someone of BRK’s clout singing the praises of playing the spec you love, not the spec you’re “supposed to use”.

      I think it would be great seeing equal spec representation myself. I’m really hoping that Archaeology, Masteries, the new enchants, gems and itemization will provide for some interesting combinations. As it is now, 99 times out of 100, a raiding hunter is either going to be 7/57/7 or 0/15/56. That’s just so dull.

      Anyway, my comment about the silence was a result of knowing how BRK’s statement differs from the “Frostheim Goggles” view, not to mention no one either agreed or commented on what he said. It just struck me as kinda funny.

      You guys did a tremendous job as always. Kudos for not only keeping the show going week in and week out, but it keeps getting better. I’m looking forward to listening to the upcoming episode where you’re going to interview Loinclothz. 🙂

      • Thanks! We err on the side of letting BRK talk, even if it sounds like an awkward silence 🙂

        About the goggles though- I think the BRK’s position is about what should be, and I think we all (even Frost) agree on that. Frost’s position (which I share) is that we’re not there yet.

        • It didn’t really sound awkward per se, it just made me giggle a little. I thought it was kinda funny how BRK was trying to diminish the importance of math in the presence of Frostheim. 😉

  10. Totally agree with you Gar, hearing him talk about what he wanted to see the hunter class become was refreshing. He is the sole hunter I would want to work on the Alpha testing because of his view on having fun first and min/maxing second. There was a great part in the podcast when someone mentioned how nice it would be to be able to bring whatever pet debuff your raid leader needs to a raid, and BRK said your raid leader shouldn’t ever tell you what pet YOU should bring to a raid. It was classic. 🙂

  11. I play on BRK’s server and I only saw him once in-game before he quit playing…sadly it was as he was lying dead in Wintergrasp, with poor Hobbes next to him. I still took a screenshot just to prove to myself that I’d seen him around in-game, but feel a little bad that THAT is the single moment I froze of him. 😛 It’s great that he’s back, whether it’s just for testing or for longer!

    • Hmmm…

      Did you have any direct involvement contributing to BRK’s dirt nap in Wintergrasp..?

      Regardless, that’s pretty awesome. Well, hopefully BRK the man, the myth, the legend… will return to avenge his many corpse runs. 🙂

      • I didn’t! I was too surprised. It was seconds after Horde had just won. I saw him and was going to /wave or /bow or /salute, but before I could do any of those things he got squashed. 🙁

        • What a chance encounter. 🙂

          Well maybe you will be able to offer that /salute come Cataclysm. We must hope that WoW’s seductive powers will once again take hold as he tests the Alpha.


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