Attention: Gar UI Users

Gar UI

I just wanted to make a quick post letting you know that my UI compilation appears to be working fine after 4.1. MikScrollingBattleText seemed to be the only addon throwing back the occasional pesky error, so I just disabled it for now. There is a fan update for MSBT if you can’t live without it, but I’m going to turn it off for the time being and wait for a developer update.

For those of you new to the compilation who may be having some trouble installing it…

  • Make sure you update all of the addons before attempting to use it with Patch 4.1. The package hasn’t been updated for some time, so it’s very necessary to obtain all of the most recent addon updates before trying to get it installed.
  • Make things easy on yourself, and use an addon updating client such as the one from Curse, or the MMOUI Minion from WoWinterface (I use both).
  • Be sure to check “Load Out of Date Add Ons” on the Add Ons screen prior to logging in.

I’ll try to release an updated version of it sometime soon, but it’s likely that I’ll be playing with things a bit in the next week or two. I doubt I’ll make any big changes to it, but I may perform a couple of slight adjustments here and there. At any rate, I wouldn’t expect to see an updated package until sometime after mid-May.

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