Jadefang with Tiny Shale Spider Pet

Jadefang is a rare Shale Spider that spawns within an upper alcove nestled deep within the Crumbling Depths of Deepholm. As hinted at by his namesake, Jadefang possesses an awesome green glow. What’s really cool about this, is that he’s the only Shale Spider currently in-game with this look.

Well… apart from the little companion that he drops when killed.

Because of the pet loot item, Jadefang is on pretty much everyone’s radar. Whether you’re an avid collector of WoW pets or not, everyone enjoys free pet loot, right..? Since Jadefang is a unique-skinned rare spawn exotic pet, tamable by Beast Master hunters, having him also be the bearer of treasure can be viewed as sort of a cruel joke played by Blizz, with BM hunters being at the brunt of it.

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