A new post!

I’ve nothing terribly exciting to report, but I figured I’d better post something since it’s been kinda quiet around here.

First, my son got sick, then I got sick, so between having to take care of he and I, I’ve fallen a bit behind on the work front. Anyway… as soon as I get caught up on other matters, I’ll try to get back to postin’ as soon as possible.

I did however manage to squeeze a raid in last week and finally got my 2nd piece of T10! That was a pretty exciting milestone for this guy.

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Hunter Set Bonuses

Frostheim’s put together a fantastic analysis of hunter set bonuses in his Scattered Shots column over at WoW.com. For those of you curious as to which set bonuses to go for, this is a must read.

I imagine most of you are familiar with his work over there, but if not, do yourself a favor and catch up on his column. There will never be another BRK, but Frost is pretty damn close. As I’ve said before, I can’t think of a better representative for the hunter community. Well… except for Pike. She’d be pretty damn good. 😉

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Horde Hunter T9 Preview

MMO-Champion posted a sneak peek at some more of the T9 armor sets coming in Patch 3.2, including the Horde version of the T9 Hunter set. PvE Hunter sets never seem to disappoint looks-wise. T9’s no exception. Here’s a preview: Official Blue Post: In patch 3.2, Call of the Crusade, players will be able to work toward the all-new tier-9 …

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