PvP Trap Launcher Macros

I’ve avoided Trap Launcher macros throughout Cataclysm mainly due to their inflexible and clunky nature. Most of the macros I’ve tried have suffered from one fatal flaw or another, and in the end, just wind up not being worth it. As such, I’ve gotten used to the act of manually using the ability for all of my traps.

However, recently I started working with a couple of macros that utilize Trap Launcher + Freezing Trap, and both are working famously for me, so I figured I’d share. 😀

First off, know that all Trap Launcher macros require two button presses no matter what. Trap Launcher initiates a Global Cooldown so there’s no way to macro it with a trap – using only one button press.

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Beta Build Buffs BM

The latest hunter talent build for Cataclysm indicates a couple of buffs for Beast Masters. Beast Mastery Talent Changes in the Latest Cataclysm Beta Build (12604) Cobra Shot now increases the duration of Serpent Sting on the target by 6 sec. (Up from 3 sec) Bestial Wrath no longer costs focus. (Source) As I’ve been saying, it’s still too early …

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My Survival Guide to Surviving in PvP as a Survival Hunter: Part Two

Welcome to part two of my Survival Hunter PvP guide. The purpose of this two part post is to offer up some basic tips and suggestions for those new to Survival Huntering, a quick-start-guide if you will. After a lengthy career as primarily a BM PvP Hunter, I’ve made the transition to Survival pretty easily, and I’m here to help you do so as well.

In part one I covered my talent build, pet choice & pet spec, glyphs, enchants and gear itemization. The purpose of that post was to offer a brief overview of the spec and to help better optimize your toon for success in BGs or arena.

In part two, my goal is to provide you with a few tips and pointers on getting the most out of your new build and play style. This post will not be an all encompassing guide on “How to Own as a Survival Hunter”, but more of a primer to get you up and running. In this part of the guide, I’ll give you an overview of the basic PvP shot selection, Survival Hunter mechanics, as well as show you some useful addons and macros.

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