A game idea suggestion for Blizzard

Hunter Pet CollarsThis is entry #12 in the 30 days of WarCraft series of articles.

The thing I’d like to see implemented in WoW is something that nearly every hunter has hoped to see happen… pet collars!

Blizzard has been taunting us for years by having mobs drop Small Leather Collars in our starting areas. When I picked up my first one, I was over the moon thinking that I’d be ale to outfit my pet – acquiring better and better collars as I progressed through the levels. Then the harsh reality… pets don’t have an equipment interface. There is no way for them to equip anything. 🙁

Eventually I realized that the Small Leather Collar was just a piece of vendor trash… a devious ruse to fool us unwitting hunters into thinking we’d have further pet personalization. A cruel trick really.

I think it’s time they end our torment and enable our pets to wear these. I think it would be an awesome addition to the game on so many levels…

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