Tier 8 Hunter Armor

Brand new models for the Hunter Tier 8 Dungeon Set. Is this stuff sexy or what..?! Images courtesy of MMO-Champion. Be sure to check their site often as new Patch 3.1 information is coming in regularly. Ladies First… Male Model T8 Hunter Armor

Echoes of Doom

This is a huge content patch. I wasn’t able to explore all of the changes on the first day, but I was able to check out a few things. Disengage is great. It’s still going to take some getting used to (I nearly launched off the bridge in Alterac Valley last night), but it’s been very useful in PvP. This …

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Which pets to go with

This is something I’ve been pondering since I found out about all of the changes coming to Hunter pets in tomorrow’s patch. I’m especially excited about getting 2 more stable slots. Since I’ll most likely never abandon my Grimtotem Spirit Guide, I really only have 2 stable slots at the moment. Having a few more to experiment with different pets …

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