Sambas Rare LionWhile waiting in the queue for last night’s random heroic, I decided to take a trip to the Twilight Highlands to buy a leatherworking recipe or two, and just maybe… get a bead on Sambas. This cat had eluded me for a long time – up until last night.

When patrolling for Sambas, I’d usually just take one swoop through the Twilight Laglands, starting at the southern-most spot by Victor’s Point, heading NE up past Thundermar, then cutting due east to his eastern-most spawn location. I’d performed this patrol a few times per week since I’d hit 85. After awhile of not seeing him, then watching other hunters traipse around with him in BGs and in SW, I started to lose interest – seeing as he was quickly becoming a common, uncommon (ie: rare) pet.

However, after actually taming him, I’m happy I didn’t continue to feast upon my bowl of sour grapes and give up my quest to acquire him. 😉

He’s really a visually striking pet. I tend to lean towards old-school models when it comes to different pet looks, but I really like this new lion model. It’s… in a word… bitchin. Badass comes to mind as well, but I like bitchin as it pertains to Sambas. 😉

At any rate… last night as I was just about to cut east towards the coastal spawn point, I targeted Sambas with my rare pet macro, just north of Thundermar. I wasn’t flipping out mind you, but I did think, “Aaahhh… tonight must be my night!” I landed, dropped a freezy trap and got my tame on.

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