SexyCooldown: One of my New Favorite Addons

Update: I just realized posted a feature on this addon six days ago. Honest to god, I had no idea… Not only that, it had the same title as my post (which I’ve since changed). I actually originally got the idea from watching Kripparian’s video on NeedToKnow. I thought that writing a brief post about what I’m using would be a good idea. Oh well… guess I should be a little more current on other WoW blogs. 😳

In my ongoing pursuit of UI perfection, I’ve settled upon another addon that’s now cemented itself into my on screen array of mods. This is of course, SexyCooldown.

Many of you are probably already familiar with this addon, but for those that are not, SexyCooldown is yet another cooldown monitor. So what’s different about it you ask..?

Well, for one, it’s a logarithmic cooldown bar timer much like ForteXorcist. Instead of showing cooldown bar timers, hourglass and/or numeric counters, SexyCooldown provides a bar with a graphical interface that shows all of your items and abilities that are on cooldown.

As items and abilities go on cooldown, they appear on the bar, riding down towards the other end, and accelerating as they near closer to completion. In other words, a long ability cooldown such as Rapid Fire, will sit at the end of the bar making its way very slowly down. Where as the shorter cooldown of Furious Howl will ride the bar much faster.


I’ve tried this addon in the past, as well as ForteXorcist, but never really saw the need. However, with the five bazillion procs that I now have due to gear, I find it invaluable. One of the things that sets SexyCooldown apart from the rest of the cooldown monitors, is that it shows you internal cooldowns.

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