M***ER F***ERS

My 2v2 partner was not only hacked yesterday, but also deleted. This s**t is really getting to be a nuisance. Some of you may recall that my wife’s account was hacked last year. What made matters worse was the fact that she was guild banker at the time. You can imagine what happened to our guild vault… It wasn’t pretty. …

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So yea…

Fuck you, you motherfucker

I’m a little more than pissed at the moment. Those of you that stopped by the site earlier today may have noticed that it was either down or not looking like its normal self. This was because there’s been a fox in the hen house.

I’m not entirely certain how this happened, but I have a pretty good idea. I’m also none too happy about it. Restoring this site and dealing with the aftermath of malicious 3rd party software was the absolute last thing I needed at the moment.

As you may have noticed, the posts have slowed down a bit over the past few days. I did put up a brief congratulatory post directed at Frostheim of WHU for his new role over at wow.com, but apart from that I’ve been kinda quiet.

Cover your ears kids.

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