Mousie, Tauren Beast Master

A beast mastery Hunter and her Spirit Beasts

Hello readers! My name is Mousie, and I’m a dual specced Beast Master who PVEs. I theorycraft and plan my strategies ahead of time and usually top the charts. I hope to teach you Beast Masters out there how to maximize your DPS in a smart way, and maybe convince those of you who are skeptical of beast mastery that the spec isn’t so bad as everyone says.

I also have a not-so-secret addiction: rare pets. At the moment, I have all four spirit beasts and Aotona. Some may call me crazy, but what Beast Master hasn’t gone out of their way to tame a rare or uncommon spawn? Or, better yet, what hunter hasn’t? Pets are what separates hunters from all other classes (even warlocks – have you ever looked twice at a warlock’s demon?), and I couldn’t imagine myself playing without one by my side.

I’ll be providing in-depth information on both exotic and non-exotic rares. Where to get them, when to get them, how to get them, and my own personal experience taming them.

I hope to be of some type of help here, and hopefully add a new perspective to one of my favorite hunter blog sites. If ya have any questions at all, feel free to e-mail me or message me in-game (Mousie on Arygos).

Good luck and happy hunting. 😀

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