What is this Dual Spec you speak of?

Hunter Dual Spec

So I’ve managed to go my entire WoW career and never dual spec. Yea that’s right. I never saw any benefit in it really. I’ve been a BM (Bad Mofo) ever since I’ve started playing, and I have loved every minute of it. I truly never thought there was any reason for me to choose another spec.

And then Cata happens…

I’d managed to keep up my damage really well all throughout the dungeons I would run. It was not a big deal – I never really valued being the “top of the charts” DPS guy anyway. I love my pets, and am a BM at heart and always will be.

So some of you are asking, Drach, why are you going on about all this… we know you’re a Bad Mofo, what are you trying to tell us..?”

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Full Circle

Here are a couple of reasons why I went back to Beast Mastery this past weekend. After probably 350G in respecs, another 150G or so for glyphs, and several hours of playing time, I’ve come full circle. I am a dual specialized Beast Master. 52/14/5 and 53/18/0. When I first started playing WoW, I was immediately drawn to the Hunter …

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Patch 3.1 Goes Live Tomorrow (or Today Rather)!

I’m pretty excited and I bet you are too. I mean, who wouldn’t be… Dual-Specs, Ulduar, T8, Argent Tournament, Iron-Bound Proto Drakes, Sea Turtle Mounts, and… we’ll no longer need flint and tinder to make campfires!!! Honestly, when’s the last time you made a campfire? For me, it was probably back when I was like level 12 on my main. …

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Dear Hunter Community,

I’ve got a dilemma and I need your advice. Lately I’ve really had the itch to spec Survival, mainly because our guild is on a roll progression-wise and I’d like to be able to contribute more DPS if possible. I’m still rocking the meters as BM, but sometimes I wish I were specced SV, especially for the pet unfriendly fights. …

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My Versatile Beast Mastery Hunter Spec

Klinderas posted a comment asking me how I specced as BM. Rather than just link it to him in a comment reply, I thought why not use this as an opportunity for a new post. I always like checking out other players’ specs, but it’s nice to know why they chose those builds. I’ll start off the round table discussion. …

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