BM Glyphs, BM Pets, Pet Specs and Shot Rotation

After I posted my spec yesterday, I realized I should have added the glyphs I use as well. I was reminded of this oversight when Dhallia commented asking about my glyphs, pet(s) and pet talent specs. My post wasn’t intended to be a look at how to maximize the class for DPS or PvP, but rather just an example of …

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Devilsaur Vs. Spirit Beast

Devilsaur 2 minute DPS testKing Krush, my newest Exotic Pet, leveled to 80 last night while doing Heroic Drak’theron, so before I logged off I did a real quick and very crude DPS comparison between my 2 Exotic Ferocity pets. The results were pretty predictable. While Loque’nahak’s damage has been buffed a little, it still needs some work to be on par with the Devilsaur.

Devilsaur and Spirit Beast DPS testingMy crude testing consisted of 2 minutes precisely of pure white damage on the Boss Target Dummy in Ironforge and no pet specials or Kill Command. I just fired off auto-shots to proc Go For the Throat. The end result was the Devilsaur edging out the Spirit Beast to the tune of 21 DPS. Both pets have the same identical spec, which looks like this. Again, this is an inconclusive test considering no specials were used and I wasn’t raid buffed, but it does insinuate that Monstrous Bite wins out a little over Spirit Strike.

Spirit Beast 2 minute DPS testMy talent spec isn’t for maximum raid DPS. It’s more of a DPS-centric PvP build. I have 5/5 Endurance Training, Spirit Bond, 1/3 Cobra Strikes, Aimed Shot, and only 1/2 Go for the Throat. I still do quite well with this spec in heroics, and my first trip to 10 man Naxx had me topping the meters on occasion. Anyway, that’s why the DPS may look a bit low to some of you well-geared folk with the ideal raid spec.

Spirit Strike did not miss at all, but it only crit twice out of 16 casts. I think that next time I’ll stretch out the testing to say five minutes. That should give me a better average for Cobra Strikes procs.

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Upcoming Hunter Changes

Posted today by Ghostcrawler in the Damage Dealing forum. Hunters of all specs, and particularly Beastmaster, are doing too much damage in PvE. Lies! We tested this a lot internally in beta and knew hunters were high but we hoped other classes would be able to catch up in a way they have as yet been unable to do. We …

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