Special thanks

…to those of you who went the extra step to thank we with a monetary token of gratitude in regards to my semi-rant concerning my hosting woes. Considering the whopping $89 I have to cough up each month for VPS hosting to power the HL, every little bit helps. 🙂 In fact, thanks in large part to one very generous …

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Just a heads-up…

You may notice a few things changing around here in the coming week. So, if things start looking odd or different, know that the site’s not experiencing technical difficulties, I’m just taking steps to try and reduce overhead.

With the amount of traffic that this site gets, combined with the resource hog that is the forum, Huntsman’s Lodge is now costing me a whopping $89/mo. to host. The days of me decorating the site to my heart’s content are over… sadly. 🙁

You’ll also notice that I’ve been uploading slightly smaller screenshots in an effort to curb the resource usage.

This ship will continue its course, but I need to jettison a bit of the cargo in order to help keep it afloat. I’ve gotten accustomed to paying premium hosting fees to maintain this beast, but one large per year is where I gotta draw the line.

And for those of you who feel like tipping your hat to me, there is a handy donation feature in the sidebar… just sayin’.

I know I run ads on here, but it ain’t like I’m gettin’ rich by any means. With the amount of hours I’ve contributed to this site over the years, combined with the out-of-pocket expenses, the total costs involved with maintaining this site are insane.

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