Guild Transfer support, or should I say… lack thereof

Update: 12:24pm — Blizzard just notified me that I cannot return the guild to its former server and retain the name. I have to wait 90 days, at which time they’ll gladly accept another $20 from me to get the guild’s rightful name back. No one ever thought to mention this to me before today. It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it…?!

Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s post – describing in detail the amount of ‘support’ I’ve received when requesting information and assistance concerning how I’m to recover my guild and undo the wrong that’d been done.

As a whole, I think Blizzard does great things and usually I’m impressed with their support. I guess maybe that’s why I’m so perturbed over this whole Guild Realm Transfer incident. It’s been a major disappointment…the lack of customer care.

This post is in response to a previous comment where someone asked how support had been handling this matter. I started to answer in the comments, but then decided I’d take it to a post. That way I can describe in detail all that’s happened, and hopefully expose the flaws associated with giving one player absolute control over a multi-player entity.

I’m not going to quote Blizz’s support responses out of fear that I may be overstepping some bounds, but I am going to briefly and accurately paraphrase the support conversations – with my tickets copied here verbatim.

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