It’s A Conspiracy!

One week ago today, Mania’s Petopia site was down a decent portion of the day. Now tonight, my site was offline for nearly three hours. I was taking my dad out to a birthday dinner, otherwise I’d have gone mentally irregular on my hosting company. In addition to developing websites for clients, I also manage and provision hosting for them. …

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Now that I’ve inputted the technologies to show pictures on here, Im done for the night. This blogging stuff is hard work. If you get a chance, have a look at my UI gallery. I’ve uploaded some screenshots of the user interface that I created. Warning though… you’re gonna want me to upload the whole package so’s you can install …

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Spoke too soon

Just before bed last night I broke my blog while trying to add an rss feed. The internets can be a frustrating environment to work in, even with the expert training I received at community college. This morning I updated to the latest version of WordPress and now I’m running like a finely tuned machine once again.


Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker Sorry, I just had to do it. he he is now officially powered by Wowhead! btw, anyone else notice the phallic nature of the Wowhead favicon that appears in the browser address bar? Looks like a heat seeking moisture missile.