What are some of my favorite guild names?

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Hmmm… I’ve seen so many over the years that I’d liked, but most of the names escape me right now.

I guess my all-time favorite would have to be < Scary Bad Guys >. I know it’s not all that exciting, but it’s a guild name I remembered from back in vanilla… a horde guild, obviously. It appealed to my corny sense of humor. 😉

What about you guys..? I’m sure you can do better than me… what were/are some of your favorite guild names?

15 thoughts on “What are some of my favorite guild names?”

    • Whoops, apparently can’t use brackets here…

      “Sapped Girls Cant Say No”
      “More HKs than Hitler”
      “JFK was AFK”
      “Jesus Had a Soulstone”

  1. “We Are Just Better”
    “Cant Now Gotta Raid”
    “Gnome Punters”
    “How Do U Like Dem Applez”
    “Rogues Take Zero Skill”
    “Cult Of The Lazy Peon”
    “Welcome To Errf”

  2. Shoot…I didn’t realize it would cut them out if I used the guild tag…hehe

    Those were supposed to be:
    Running With Scissors
    The Saltine Assault Team
    DiedThere BeenThat (my current guild)
    Muppets From Hell
    You No Take Candle (my bank storage guild)

  3. I’ve been a part of several guilds that had cool names. I’ve been in , , and (currently) . There’s a guild on my server called . My favorite might just be the name that I use for my personal storage: . 🙂

  4. I always liked “Dire Muffins” on Thunderhorn EU. They changed their name to Dragon Muffins after a merger, though I prefer the original. They’re also still going and run 10 mans alongside my own guild, Feral Instinct.


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