What is my favorite race and why?

This is my 3rd entry in the 30 days of WarCraft series of articles.

This answer may surprise some of you, given that Garwulf has, and always will be, a Night Elf.

My favorite race is Dwarf.

So why did I roll a Night Elf..?

After deciding on a hunter, then choosing to bat for the Alliance, I then had to narrow it down to Night Elf or Dwarf. At the time, I liked the look of the night elves, plus their starting area seemed like it would be more interesting to me. I played with the dwarf creation screen for a bit, but none of the looks did it for me. When I settled upon Garwulf’s look, it just felt right. I paid no mind to racial abilities or min/maxing — it was all about what I liked.

After playing the game for awhile, the dwarven race started to grow on me. I was amused by their animations, I liked their humorous emotes, and I thought their capitol city of Ironforge was just amazing.

Dwarves are also responsible for what I feel are the most interesting and entertaining quests. They’re arguably the most colorful race, so this only makes sense. 😉

Within a few months, I rolled a new hunter — a dwarf hunter.

This new character was to be my supreme hunter. After having played a hunter for a few months, I figured it’d be a blast going back up through the levels – especially now, since I’d be doing things the right way.

I chose to make him an engineer, as I thought it would not only be a fun profession, but an invaluable one for battlegrounds, and much better than Garwulf’s leatherworking.

Garwulf had always been a Beast Master, which was a pretty weak spec back in vanilla. My dwarf, on the other hand… he was going to dominate PvP, so I specced him MM for maximum burst.

I got him into BGs right away so that he could start grinding ranks and amassing some juicy PvP gear.

My dwarf hunter ended up pretty much becoming my main. So, what happened to him..?

Not too long before TBC was released, Blizzard decided to buff Beast Mastery. I hopped back on Garwulf and was amazed at his new power. I’ll never forget how my wolf solo-murdered a decently geared pally in my guild while dueling outside Ironforge. BM was just slightly overpowered at that time. Needless to say… I took on a newfound interest in Beast Mastery. 😉

Given that I must have a little bit of role player in me, I decided to start playing my Beast Master again (i.e., Garwulf), rather than respec my dwarf hunter. Garwulf was also much better geared, and already at max level. He was much better poised to hit Outland than my level 55 dwarf, so… I ended up picking up where I left off with Gar — leaving my dwarf hunter to warm a barstool in Ironforge.

I haven’t forgotten about him entirely though… At various times over the past few years I have hopped on to play him now and again. I can’t say if I’ll ever get him to max level, but he’s having fun in Northrend right now. 😉

So there ya have it… Dwarf!

13 thoughts on “What is my favorite race and why?”

  1. I actually like the Worgen race the most..
    But if I have to choose one of the originals, it would have to be Orcs..
    Maybe because my first was an Orc Hunter? I don’t know..
    If not Orcs, then I would have to say NE..

  2. I’d have to say it’s a Night Elf with me as well. I love the natureyness of them, and I’ve always found the girls pretty and the men attractive, even if they can’t have eyebrows with no beards :\

  3. Night Elf is pretty much all I play, I’m not really sure why. It’s just something about the race. Lore wise, they’re somewhat maligned, a little aloof, sometimes in the past they’ve done more harm that good, but when the chips are down, they normally come through. Like Gar, I didn’t think about racials or min/maxing, but I didn’t know enough to even consider that then. If I had to settle on one, it’d be their relationship with nature, even Avatar tried to copy the Night Elf Tree. 🙂

  4. My race path—>Night Elf—>Gnome—>Dwarf—>Human—>Worgen—>Orc. The path really describes my initial interest in the game, how I explored old and new content. As I became “older” (and became conscious of gear and dps), I race changed to an Orc.

    My main disappointment was my heavy investment in the many quests through the years. I lost most of them when I race and faction changed. As a result, getting to Loremaster is like playing the game from level 10.

  5. At first it was Tauren. I love the way they run. It reminds me so much of the predator in the movies.

    Then it was Blood Elf. Yeah, they’re pretty, what can I say.

    Now, it’s Orc. Honor above all.


  6. I’m going to agree with lawman30 and say I do like the Gnomes as well. I think that it’s fun playing something so small but being able to pack quite a punch, and nothing is worse than being ganked by a really tiny person. Lorewise I think they could use much more story, however I do like the Gnome and Goblin rivalry that exists. I wish Blizzard would focus a bit more on this rivalry, and I’m even hoping for a Gnome (Alliance) vs Goblin (Horde) themed battleground one day. Maybe Alterac Valley like?

  7. I was a die hard Troll fan for pretty much all of my WoW career. I loved their lore, their look and their racials. Lore wise they are still my favorite, but playability wise, I love Goblins. I love having rocket jump in pvp. Nothing EVER out runs me on foot and even mounted players have a hard time escaping. I love having the straight out damange and haste bonus no matter which weapon Im using. Its pretty cool getting all the cheapest prices on stuff as well.

  8. Despite the fact most of my characters are Blood Elves, I would say over my time playing WoW my favorite race has become the Orc. History, Honor, general badassery, racial abilities, yeah, definitely Orc.

  9. Dwarf-an inside joke given my real life height plus they all seem to be alcholics and have the coolest laugh in the game. If I ever rolled another hunter I’d definitely be an Orc, they have the spiffiest shot animation.

  10. Those familiar with me and my musings on this site will know the answer.


    Remember the ballot to allow Gnomes to have hunters? Sure you do…YOU STABBED ME IN THE BACK WITH YOUR VOTE SO YOU BETTER REMEMBER IT!!!! =P

    I love Gnomes. My main is a Gnome warrior tank. He was the first toon I rolled and Gnomes couldn’t be hunters. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again in case anyone from Blizz reads this…allow Gnomes to be hunters and you will never make a faster $25 off me for the race change. A Gnome hunter would be my main in a heartbeat.

    I love that Gnomes are the smallest but are still as tough as the biggest tallest toons in the game. I love that Gnomes are funny. I LOVE GNOMES!!! GIVE ME GNOME HUNTERS, DAMMIT!!!!!

    • I was so annoyed when all races except gnomes could be hunters. If goblins can be hunters, gnomes should be able to too! Gnomes would be awesome, tiny hunters with their big pets running beside them, raining death down upon their foes.

      And gnomes and goblins are both engineers; engineers make guns (and used to make bullets); why wouldn’t gnomes be able to use a gun?


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