Solix - Rare Lava Spider

See my Patch 4.2 Rare Pet Briefing Post for an updated guide on how to tame Solix, as well as the other 9 Patch 4.2 Taming Challenge pets.

Solix is a rare orange lava spider being added in the 4.2 Firelands Patch. He can be found in the Molten Front, within the Igneous Depths.

Solix is among the eight new Taming Challenge pets, so he requires a little more planning and effort than the drop a Freezing Trap and tame types of pets.

When first encountered, Solix has two buffs on him:

  • Flashfire: Attack Speed Increased by 1000% & Movement Speed Increased by 100%
  • Blazing Speed: Too fast to Tame

While these buffs are active, Solix obviously can’t be tamed. From what I know, the way to remove the buffs is to reduce Solix’s energy level to the point where they fall off. Apparently this is done by chilling him with Frost Traps.¬†Solix’s energy is replenished by the nearby lava, so it’s also important to keep him away from the magma.

The strategy seems to involve slowing him with Concussive Shot while he wades through your Frost Traps. This removes his Blazing Speed buff, allowing you to tame him from a distance without killing him.

It’s also worth noting that I believe he will instantly die if he gets too cold, which drops his energy level to zero, so Freezing Traps may not be the best approach.

Solix Preview Video

Solix at least looks like he’s ready to party. The other four taming challenges I’ve mentioned seem like yawnfests, but Solix appears like he may require a bit more effort.

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  1. Yeah this challenge looks more fun, but still was hoping for each new beast to be a different animal… But still.. Gotta try and tame em all!


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