Kirix - Rare Green Spider in Patch 4.2

See my Patch 4.2 Rare Pet Briefing Post for an updated guide on how to tame Kirix, as well as the other 9 Patch 4.2 Taming Challenge pets.

Kirix is a rare spider that will be added in Patch 4.2. He is among the eight new taming challenges that Blizzard is providing in the Firelands patch. Each one of the eight pets is supposedly going to require the hunter to approach the tame with some sort of strategy.

The difficulty with taming Kirix appears to be his Toxic Presence buff which causes nature damage to all nearby players. The player in the video mentioned only being able to survive within it for about three seconds, so it hits for a considerable amount of damage.

My guess would be… this one will require hunters to dust off their spell book and cast Aspect of the Wild. Maybe throw in the old Core Hound Ancient Hysteria + Pet Abandon trick for good measure.


These taming challenges aren’t awakening my competitive spirit or sparking my sense of adventure. So far, they all seem pretty lackluster. I was hoping these new pets would be akin to a badge of honor. Not the case. *yawn*

Let’s hope Deth’tilac brings a little more to the table.

Kirix doesn’t appear to be a Spirit Beast, which is nice. It looks like all hunter specs will be eligible to go after this guy – not just Beast Masters.

Kirix Video Prview

Well, there’s a sneak preview of the green lava spider headed our way in Patch 4.2.

Hey! At least he looks pretty cool.

29 thoughts on “Kirix”

  1. Caught him today at 3:30am on Haomarush. Pull -> you get hit into air (at same time use disengage) -> deterrence -> tame -> brag to friends.

  2. Got him 2nd attempt (FD’ed on the first). Didn’t bother with the floating rock… instead I had someone attack him just as I started the tame to get a bit of distance (not too much). My positioning was such that he had to path around a large pointy rock near where the daily quest givers are (at the end on his path). Aspect of the wild was up… and that was it. Very easy tame, didn’t even use deterrence.

  3. Yes today was the day. I got him. I had to reforge my items. I had taken some of then haste off and had to put it all back on. This morning he came up and I did the same thing only today I tamed him. What made the difference it had to be the re-forging. Thanks guys.

  4. ok tried to tame him the second time. Took pots and food for added haste had Corehound for ancient hysteria did them all and even got on the rock so he wasnt up close and personal. SO WHAT did I do wrong it all goes smoothly until he hits me and disrupts my tame pet. Any MORE advise.

  5. I got him on the ground. No haste buff food or pots. While on the ground shoot him, once kirix hits you at the highest point disengage/deter/tame 🙂 and he is all yours. Of course I was competing against an ally hunter and I was a nervous wreck so we both died over and over again but I got him 🙂

  6. Got him about 20 mins after I got Ban, I did the floating rock trick, a nice hordie hunter showed me how to get there then he grab aggro first used his det and fd, I then took over with tame/det/tame, had to use both the Basilisk Liverdog and Mighty Speed potion and he became mine.

  7. Ok, I died to Kirix 4 times before getting him under control.
    Ate a Basilisk Liverdog, quaffed a Potion of Mighty Speed then set up my tool bar to have, Lifeblood (Herbalism perk), Rapid Fire, Deterence, and finally Tame Beast.
    Had him in roughly 4 seconds. Good luck.

  8. I jumped to a “permanent” floating rock, waited for him to come, shot him in his face. Let him cast his poison, deterence and start taming as soon as it’s up. No haste buff, abandoning pet trick etc etc…simple.

  9. Unless they’re planning to make the non rare spiders in the area untamable, i don’t see the point when the normal mobs have the same skins.

  10. I like the idea of challenges, but really reskinned models, and the last ones being similar really… Well I guess I don’t have to spend that many hours farming each pet.

  11. Cuz if you are can you look into the Sandreavers and see if theses are tamable the pit quest in Tanaris or in Ahn’Qiraj 20 the first boss cuz i really was hoping thoses would be tamable at least as Silithids or their own family in any possibility.

  12. Ok i dont get the reason why you would need to lower his health as far as Deth’tilac is concerned please fill me in on the reason.

  13. I’m very unimpressed with the eight so far.

    As far as Deth’tilac goes, it appears that his trick is that he has to be at low heath to tame. Apparently he has a whopping 36 million HP, and can’t be tamed until you get him to 8 million HP, and he can hit hard.

    • Agreed.

      I don’t intend to come across as an elitist, but c’mon… taming challenges… these are weakstraw. I was hoping that these new pets would offer some sport for veteran hunters who’ve maybe grown complacent with how the game’s become more ‘simplified’ over the past year or so.

      But that’s just me.

      The more players that can enjoy these new pets, the better… I suppose.

      *grumble, grumble*


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