Magria - Spirit Beast in The Firelands

Another new Spirit Beast has been discovered on the Patch 4.2 PTR. This latest spectral kitty is known as Magria.

Magria not only looks nearly identical to Ankha, but also poses the same taming challenge. According to this post in the Petopia forums, you must remove your armor before attempting the tame, as Magria’s damage scales with armor rating just as Ankha’s does.


Two new Gondrias – each with a slightly different hue. Two new unique taming challenges – both posing the same challenge.

Ah well… it’s the PTR so a lot can change between now and live.

Perhaps it’s a bit much to ask, but I was sort of hoping for eight new visually striking models, each with a unique skin, not just a slight recolor of a previous model.

If we have to grind rep in order to even have a chance at these new rare pets, then I want to see some exciting pets – each with a unique and difficult taming challenge.

If all I have to do is get naked in order to tame a Gondria retread, then what’s so great about that..?!

Again… it’s still early, so who knows… Maybe Ankha and Magria are intended for amateur hour. This is quite possible. The remaining taming-challenge pets may demonstrate increases in both taming difficulty, as well as badassedness in terms of appearance.

And yes, of course… I just made that word up.

But yea… I wanna see some new SB’s that rival Skoll and Loque’nahak as far as uniqueness is concerned.

Magria Video Preview

11 thoughts on “Magria”

  1. Solotamed 3 of the spiders, got help with Deth and named her after my OT wo got squished while helping. I helped Allie- and Hordehunters with it providing slows n stuns when doing dailies on my tanks and i’m allie.
    I agree its a shame Spiritbeasts only are available as BM, bestlooking pets but a spec i dont play in PVE.

  2. I just tamed him stripped to my undees as a fellow hunter who also had him did. Pretty easy and I named him after the rogue who found him for me and would not take payment for it..he just wanted to keep the horde hunter from him. Our reward. ..the hunter caught us at the shrine and killed us both with his lock and mage friends…sore looser.

  3. I tamed Magria easy after just taking off armor. Thanks to the guide I am +1. I was just questing and spotted her doing dailies. Lucky.

  4. Yes, color me unimpressed on the whole. Unless dramatic changes are made to the specs again OR if I suddenly decide to devote all my time doing something other than raiding, I don’t plan to play much as BM which sorta leaves out the new Spirit Beasts (not to mention the fact that my stable is already full and I seriously doubt they’re giving us any more slots there.) I may go after a lava spider or two, or maybe just Deth, for the challenge. Remains to be seen.

  5. I’m really disappointed thus far with the taming quests. What started out to be the ONLY think I was looking forward to this patch (I don’t raid, and can’t really get excited for more dailies to grind out), is quickly turning out flat. I know it’s still relatively early in the patch process, but do we really need 8 spirit beasts, most of them re-colors of already existing beasts? Blizzard really, really needs to have a good number of good looking pets that the other 66% of hunters can enjoy. Sorry, but I got tired of carrying around a (to me) boring, under-performing spec just so that I can see a few pets occasionally. I’m not a huge fan of giving one particular spec access to pets that the others can’t have as it is. Adding such a large number of pets on top of the already large number of pets in this category isn’t helping.

    • The guy who posted the video that erragall linked has found most of the others. They are as follows:

      Deth’tilac (purple lava spider)
      Has a huge HP pool and a buff that prevents him from taming while he has a certain amount of HP. Will probably need to be kited FOREVER or have his HP brought down by a group before the tame is attempted.
      He gains a speed buff while not being damaged so SS will probably need to be kept up when kiting and during the tame.
      IS NOT a Spirit Beast.

      Solix (red lava spider)
      Has a buff called Flashfire that increases attack speed by 1,000% and movement speed by 100% and a buff called Blazing Speed which makes him “too fast to tame”
      The vid maker includes a note indicating that there is a daily quest which allows these blue runes on the floor to be broken and stun enemies in range.
      Solix will basically dump truck you if you aggro him and dont tame him.
      IS NOT a Spirit Beast

      Anthriss (yellow lava spider)
      Anthriss has a buff called Web Master which indicates he never misses with his Searing Web ability (which we can only assume does a metric crapton of damage).
      Searing Web melts off in lava so the trick is you need to be standing in lava to tame him. Many HP will be key. =P
      IS NOT a Spirit Beast

      Kirix (green lava spider)
      Has a buff called Toxic Presence which deals nature damage to all nearby enemies. He appears to move fast and the vid poster did not know any strat on taming.
      IS NOT a Spirit Beast

      Skitterflame (red lava spider)
      Has a buff called Burning Frenzy (i think thats what its called) that indicates he does damage based on the amount of energy he has. If his energy reaches zero he dies. The deal with him, apparantly, is to trap him and watch his evergy go down, then break the trap before death but yet low enough that he doesnt do enough damage to kill you during the tame.
      IS NOT a Spirit Beast

      Magira (blue spectral tiger) and Ahnka (white spectral tiger)
      Damage based on armor rating – tame naked.
      BOTH ARE Spirit Beasts.

      Ban’thalos (green spectral owl)
      Have to aggro him in the air at a point where the fall wont kill you. Trap and tame.
      IS a Spirit Beast.

      5 non Spirit Beasts using 3 unique skins (maybe 4 if there’s an orange and a red lava spider…i cant tell from the videos).
      3 Sprit Beasts using re-colored skins.

      This IS the PTR and things COULD change. I don’t however, think they will. I think this is just a little something for hutners to try and challenge themselves with (although aside from Deth’tilac idk if there’s a real “challenge” as much as these appear to be knowing the trick and then pulling off an otherwise standard tame).

      I, for one, remain excited. Do I wish is were more of a “chain” type thing where you had to tame one to unlock the nuext?….Sure I do. But we can’t have it all now, can we? Besides, in my world of the glass being half-full….maybe this will disappoint enough people that I won’t have competition for the spawns. As stated previously, there is a fair amount of apathy on my server already for rare spawns. This can only help me. =P


      • That should have been 5 spiders using 4 unique skins (which then leads me to believe that, yes, there is probably supposed to be a red one and an orange one which would give each spider its own color).

      • silly – read the description… you just have to be naked to do so no kiting involved at all… will barely even hurt you if you take all ALL of your armor and weapons. Just did it… naked. Easy.

  6. I agree! And while I am agreeing I will add that if we really wanted to be “beast masters” we should be able to tame humanoids! Come on Blizz!


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