Ahnka, a new Spirit Beast in Patch 4.2I just caught this video by WoWInsider which features one of the 8 new rare pets coming in Patch 4.2. I figured I’d share it. 🙂

A few key points from the Ankha video:

Ankha is a Spirit Beast, so this pet will only be tamable by Beast Masters.

Based on what Mathew said (at 0:18), it sounds like the 8 new pets will all be exotic..?! I’d take that comment with a grain of salt at this point, because I can’t imagine Blizz would force hunters into one spec in order to participate in these taming challenges. Then again… who knows… it is a Beast Mastery sort of undertaking.

Ankha will be found in The Regrowth area.

The trick to taming Ankha

As noted in the video, Ankha is immune to all CC, so don’t try a Freezing Trap with this kitty. Also… Ankha’s damage scales with the hunter’s armor, so it’s important to remove any equipment that gives armor rating. Mathew had mentioned getting one-shotted by Ankha when attempting the tame at full armor.

Apparently the technique is to get naked and take your lumps… hoping you can survive long enough to complete the tame. Haste trinkets may be advisable along with some stamina buffs, but we’ll see. He didn’t say anything about Ankha being a difficult tame once stripped of all armor.

Ankha Video Preview

I’ll try to keep you posted as new information flows in about the Patch 4.2 Taming Challenges.

Oooh this is exciting!

12 thoughts on “Ankha”

  1. hey guys,
    i tamed a ankha but when i get it, it’s name change to Spirit Beats,
    i also naked when i tambed it, but it’s damage is yet low…
    and there is no ability ( metal Clow ) :/

  2. Thanks for the tip! I came across this beast without knowing it existed. It one shotted me, (3 times I’m afraid to admit) before I finally looked it up. I tamed it in my underwear -my hunter that is-

    very funny, Blizz!

  3. Ankha only 4.2 beast i need now but definately the hardest to find, all the spiders have just been there for me, skarr and karkin too. I guess the molten front is not so well travelled. Hope i find her soon 🙂

  4. Ok, i did as suggested & stripped everything but trickets & rings off & was able to tame Anhka..I am trying to get all the Spirit Animals as pets so i am very thankful for whomever suggested doing this..Getting killed 2 times was enough for me…LOL

  5. Got this pet 10 min ago, after being one shotted several times i took time to google it, I didnt read the full post before i tamed it, so i stripped all naked, no buffs, worked like a charm, took no dmg at all.

  6. Damn … another spirit beast. I already have six slots devoted to them 🙁 I agree with Loverlie. 25 slots just doesn’t seem like enough. Granted, I almost never use my fox and worm so maybe I can eek out some more room there.

  7. Yaaay! So excited! I love spirit beasts! Can’t wait to get to work on the new Firelands content so I can get a shot at catching Ahnka! Seriously going to need a larger stable…what to give up to make space??

    WTB tameable hydras and Blazewing!


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