Got Him!

Ashtail the rare fox

Just as I was about to log off last night, I figured I’d take a trip to Loch Modan just to see if Ashtail was out roaming around. Well, not only was he out pathing about, but there wasn’t a soul there. This was the first time since the patch that I hadn’t encountered at least one or two other hunters out there camping him.


Ashtail patrols the area surrounding his icon on the map below. If you stand near the spot where his front left shoulder is on the map, you can pick him up once he pops with either NPCScan, or with a target macro.

/target Ashtail

Ashtail Spawn Area map

My NPCScan did not sound, which means it’s possible he may not be in the most recent update, as he was not in my cache either. Just in case he’s not been included within the latest version of NPCScan, his NPC ID is 45380 for those of you who want to manually add him.

His respawn timer is reported as being only one hour. Apart from the friendly (and some not-so-friendly) competition from other hunters, Ashtail’s one-hour respawn rate makes him arguably the easiest rare spawn camp in the game.

I first encountered him near the monument (graveyard..?) just south of the Mo’Grosh Stronghold (coordinates: 73,76) as he was patrolling towards the road to the west.

Here’s a shot of him posing post-tame in the exact location I first spotted him…

Ashtail the Rare Fox

I didn’t bother trapping him, which made this an amusing tame since he’s the first beastie I’ve seen use Shadowstep. Just as I began the tame, I heard a *poof*, Ashtail disappeared for a split-second, then my camera swung around. He did this twice I believe, but it doesn’t break the tame.

I haven’t had a chance to play with him yet, but he’ll probably be my first level 80 pet project. I’ve yet to level any of the additional pets I’ve tamed since our stables were expanded, but I think that will change with Ashtail.

He’s pretty neato. 🙂

And I’m sure it will get old in time, but I do like his dancey-dance. 😉

Best of luck to those of you still pursuing this new rare fox. 🙂

Now to level him…

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  1. Hey guys, Today I went into the area where Ashtail spawns (it was my first camp) And wouldnt you know by my luck he was there!

  2. Lol I was lvl 18 and hadn’t even HEARD of Ashtail before! I was tired of my eagle, so I dismissed him and tamed a regular fox easily. It was, like four am? I needed to eat something, so I stood by the monument thingy, came back, and Ashtail appeared!!! I abandoned the regular hill fox, and tamed ashtail. He didn’t even stealth or warp, I think cus I got him right after he spawned… All the other hunters will be jelous that a lvl 18 has ASHTAIL!!!! WOOT!!!

  3. I just have to say, thank you very much for the info on getting ashtail ;p I found it head on from your info. you rock!

  4. His Shadowstep ability is why I set my ice trap down then stepped IN FRONT OF IT to begin taming. Sneaky lil’ bugger appeared behind me and *pow!* frozen Fox. He ALWAYS spawns at exactly 75.2 43.6 and his spawn timer is 30-90 minutes. I named mine “Cookie” as in “Cookie Monster.” Now for the Frosty one…

  5. Named mine sagaris…thanks for the suggestions on the low lvl bg too. I was doing well until the gobs came out and all their rockets going off…lol.

  6. You are gonna hate me.

    When 4.0 went live, I spent my first login getting the new flight paths. So when I read your article a few minutes ago, I went right to Farstrider Lodge, went a little bit north and there he was… with no one around. Tamed him right then and there.

    I will say right after I tamed him, in comes a Shaman killing every fox in the valley.

    Some taming notes: He is super easy to see. All the other foxes darting around I thought would make it a tad more difficult, but there is no mistaking it against the grasses of the valley. There are a lot of little dips in the valley so set your viewing angle a bit on the steep side so you can visually cover the area well.

    Lastly, it wasn’t 30 seconds upon arriving in Stormwind that a hunter asked me “where did you get that awesome pet?”

  7. I was up really late last night (it’s 10 am here and I haven’t gone to sleep yet…so healthy) and I decided to check and see if Ashtail was up before logging off.

    He was, and I got him. This is the first time I’ve checked. I figured if my luck was that good I’d go check on Loq, but alas, my computer froze and I don’t think he was up anyway. Oh well…I think the fox looks cooler anyway!

  8. I’m sure this has been covered already, but only just occurred to me after taming this guy…doesn’t it seem odd that Foxes aren’t in the cunning family? I mean, I’m not RP at all, but I’m pretty sure through history, cunning has long been a trait attributable to foxes in RL.

  9. After reading your post, I decided to go track this guy down. Took me a minute to even figure out how to get over there (Horde: fly to New Kargath in the Bad Lands, ride East, then North to Loch Modan).

    Made one lap, and noted about 3 other hunters patrolling the area. AFK’d for a bit, and when I returned, I started another lap and found him immediately, which totally caught me be surprise. And had one of those classic huntard-moments where I forgot how to work a computer, and where is that tame button?, etc. Luckily I got sorted quickly and managed to tame him. Definitely the easiest rare camping session ever.

    So now he’s 77, and I’ve been making laps killing skinnable mobs near Skoll’s two Eastern spawn points. Seems like I get about a half level per hour over there, plus skins. Where do you other lvl80 hunters head to do rapid pet leveling?

  10. discovered him via this website when Gar first posted, went to the location and got him.

    Im one of the few hardcore tamers on my server, and i love it!!

    Grats on the tame Gar!

  11. Gar, it looks like you’re rubbing off on me. I decided to drop in an check for Ashtail. Got him within 1 minute of looking! He’s cute and seems to have a great pvp ability. Plus, he dances!

    I owe you an article, and the next one will be much less technical I promise!

    • Grats Dracky! He’s a neat pet, huh..?! 😀

      If you wanna toss me an article, that’d be awesome.

      You know what might be a cool subject is to talk about how the game has changed over the years. I’ve been playing for quite awhile, but I know you’ve been around since the start.

      Regardless, I’m sure you’ll think of something good. 😉

  12. So here I sat 4 hours and must have been 20 hunters came and went. I watched ashtail spawn…..along comes NE and steals it right away from me. ths was at 8:44 on windrunner server 77,44.

    • Would be sooo cool, but no 🙁 Back in vanilla I tamed the Mist Howler wolf in Ashenvale. He came with fear. How BA would that had been for PvP?

  13. Ive had him for a bit and i love when everone asks about the fox. A quick ? I just recently got into bg specificaly low level bg. What is the best spec right now for low level bg? Im talking i have a new human hunter and shes in the 20s. I dont have BoA on this toon so it makes it a bit tougher and right now im running Surv spec. Just thought i would see if there were any opinions on the subject.

    • For PvP, Survival is where it’s at for the low levels, mainly due to Explosive Shot. Having another high-damage insta-cast shot is huge, plus the added stamina from Hunter vs. Wild is a nice bonus for BGs.

      BM is so-so, mainly because pets can be nuked pretty easily at these levels, not to mention they don’t have many talents available to buff their damage, increase speed, etc… In other words, pets are more or less a non-factor in this range.

      MM doesn’t have as much to offer the really low level PvPers, and Aimed Shot’s cast time is too long to be effective.

      I run SV on my 19 hunter and find it to be pretty dominant.

      Here’s an early 20s build I’d recommend for you:

      As you level, you may find BM to be better once you get in your 40s and 50s. Here’s a spec I’d go with at 49:

      Grats on taming Ashtail, and I hope my suggestions help your PvP game. 🙂

  14. Just got him today! Bought him back to orgrimmar and had compliments pouring in the minute I arrived:D People seem very impressed with his dancing too.
    Now to think of a name…

  15. Gratz, Gar!!!
    As an aside, I was in the area hoping to tame him for my baby hunter in the WHU guild. There were about 3 other hunters in the area, all lvl 80 (my baby hunter is lvl 53). Well he spawns right in front of me and one of the hunters runs up to me and whispers “Stop the tame or I’ll kill him.” I figured it was best to not respond and hope that the tame finished but alas, the jag made good on his word and killed the fox. Then he has the gall to whisper to me “Happy?! Now neither of us gets him.” I can’t believe a fellow member of the alliance (dranei in case you’re wondering) would do this. =(
    Just another example of why they need to fix it so that mobs being tamed can’t be targeted by anyone else unless the tame is broken.

    • What an idiot. That logic is so flawed. All it does is to ensure that you both will be competing for him yet again. You were first on the scene, and had he let you complete the tame, you’d be one less hunter for him to worry about.

      That guy needs to lighten up and have a little patience.

      Anyway… good luck with that lawman.

        So I logged in on my baby hunter again to look for him and BAM!!! My targeting macro lights him up and I tame him. As I’m spending his talent points and making him happy, who should log in and materialize not 10 feet from me but that same d-bag dranei who killed him while I was previously trying to tame him.
        “Ooooohhhh…if you had logged in 30 seconds sooner you woulda had him….I JUST tamed him right where you’re standing!”
        Keep this in mind, kids….WOW KARMA IS REAL AND IT’S A RAGING B!%*# WHEN IT COMES AROUND ON YOU!!!!!

  16. I did manage to tame that little guy with my orc hunter on Alterac Mountain. I can tell you that at lvl 20, being on a PVP server in an Alliance zone is pretty dangerous if not suicidal! The trip from Undercity to Loch Modan is, well, “fun”… But camping the spawn point with allies lvl 15 to 20 all around you doing quests, that’s another story. In the end, I was pretty lucky! After spending 30 minutes camping, he popped only a few seconds after dealing with a mage-priest combo hoping for an easy HK. 😀

    And I’m pretty sure he won’t read this but I’d like to thank the dwarf shaman (can’t remember his name) who showed up while I was taming Ashtail. He just stood by, /cheer when the tame was a success and went back to his quests. Yep! Not everyone on PVP servers are asses!

  17. Was watching SpaceBalls on Blu-ray when he finally popped up…was werid random lowbie shamans and pallies kept creeping around lol. Even worse had to wait the 1:30 min wait for him.

  18. I managed to nab him early this morning. I finished my daily Loqu check and decided to pop over and see if he was up. Landed and rode over and there he was. Past several times I have checked him there has been a line of hunter’s waiting for him. Thanks for the heads up on this guy. Now if I could just get that willy Loqu.

    • Thanks for the ID numbers guys, I didn’t use NPCscan this time but I will add it because I have a lvl 20 Hunter to get a pet.

      Good luck to all

  19. Congratulations, Gar.
    I got Ashtail last night at 0321 server time on Bleeding Hollow, named it him Vixen.

    The spawn time on this beautiful Fox is roughly 2hrs.
    Also you can manually add the Fox to your NPCScanner yourself, that’s what I did and it went off.. 45380 is Ashtail’s ID… Just put it in your “Custom NPCs” and name it Ashtail. 🙂

    Best of luck to all you Hunters out there!

  20. [75.2, 43.6]
    Spawns there everytime. Congratulations btw, it took me three tries today.
    First time real life intervened. Second time, some horde hunter came and killed it while I was taming it. Third times the charm they say, lol.
    First spawn was already up when I got there, but, a coffee emergency took my attention 😛 Second time, I was gone for approximity ten minutes before I waited about another 25 minutes or so. The third time though, took from 1: 36 pm – 3: 02 pm.

  21. I have also have found him it was at 75 44 . when u have him in play mode he will attack running aroung standing up on his hind legs its pretty cute at the moment.Took me a few to figure out how to have him dance i thought it was just a thing he did until i saw the new play ability button lol well off to level him now.

    • Just tamed ashtail, havnt figured out how to do the dance thing yet will play with it some more, i stood on the ruins rock thing and /tar to find him wasnt there at first then i ran a random dungeon and came back to find him there waiting for me. Named him FntstikMrFox =D


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