2 thoughts on “Welcome Back Daniel”

  1. According to his blog, “Brain Needed Space”, he’s just covering the alpha/beta. Plans to do a guide or two once the NDA is lifted. Has no plans to return at the moment, but I think its cool he’ll even been talking about WoW.

    • I agree! I can’t wait to start reading his posts and watching his videos again. I liked him when he was active, but I never truly appreciated him until after he was gone. It’s good to know he’ll be back in the WoW mix, even if it’s just in a limited capacity.

      Even if he produces only ten percent of the content he used to, he’ll still be as loved as ever – maybe even more so. It sounds like he’s well aware of what he’s getting into and quite prepared for it. I think he could come back to the game and make it work. If he does come back long term, the WoW blogosphere will be better for it.


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