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Updating my macros page is near the top of my priority list for the site, but I wanted to share this one with you now, becasue, well… it’s really bitchin’.

It won’t increase your DPS or help you to survive in BGs, but it will make life easier, no doubt. This is a very simple macro which combines a lot of random items into one button press.

It began as a macro to use for the items associated with the Brunnhildar daily quests for the Polar Bear Mount, which I’m obviously destined not to obtain 😥 , but I grew it so that it combined a lot of other items as well.

With this one macro, I can:

  • Summon my dragon in the Oculus.
  • Bomb whatever needs bombing in Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients.
  • Use all of the items associated with the Brunnhildar daily quests, as well as Sons of Hodir and Knights of the Ebon Blade.
  • Use my jet pack on the Gunship.

/use item:49278
/use item:37859
/use item:42837
/use item:42499
/use item:41612
/use item:42774
/use item:42164
/use item:42479
/use item:42480
/use item:42246
/use item:39213
/use item:47030
/use item:46847
/use item:40587
/use item:40600

I made this macro to eliminate having to fumble through my inventory looking for random items used in various quests, BGs, instances, etc. I found it to work really well for Saronite Bombs, since SotA uses one type, and IoC uses two different types.

Macros only allow for 255 characters, so by using the item numbers, I can get 15 items in one macro.

Now… if you want to swap any of the items listed in my macro, it’s easy… It just takes a few seconds on WoWHead and a little patience. Say for instance you’ve got your Polar Bear Mount and are never going back to Brunnhildar again (except to look for TLPD), but you are trying to suck up to the Oracles… If you want to put the Didgeridoo of Contemplation in there, just go to WoWHead and do a search, then note the item number in the URL.

WoWHead Item Number

Simply put, /use item:39598 into the macro and now it will look for the Didgeridoo of Contemplation instead of the viking beat stick for instance.

This is nothing more than a convenience macro, but I quite enjoy having it and I figured I’d share it with the rest of you nice people. 🙂 Work smart, not hard I always say…

Note: The only tricky thing with this macro is that it will mount you on a Bone Gryphon when you apply the tincture to the dead soldiers on the island in Icecrown (can’t recall the quest, but it’s for KotEB). To adjust for that, just move when you’re applying the tincture, as it’s an insta-cast where as summoning the Bone Gryphon is not. Try it and you’ll see what I mean. 😉

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in the macro:

Amber Essence for use in the Oculus – item:37859

Goblin Rocket Pack for ICC Gunship Battle – item:49278

Brunnhildar Dailies
Reins of the Warbear Matriarch – item:42499
Disciplining Rod – item:42837
Vial of Frost Oil – item:41612

Sons of Hodir Dailies
Essence of Ice – item:42246
Hodir’s Horn – item:42164
Ethereal Worg’s Fang – item:42479
Angrim’s Tooth – item:42774

Knight of the Ebon Blade Dailies
Bone Gryphon – item:40600
Darkmender’s Tincture – item:40587
Ebon Blade Banner – item:42480

Massive Seaforium Charge – item:39213
Huge Seaforium Bombs – item:47030
Seaforium Bombs – item:46847

Anyway… I have a few new macros to add to my macros page which will increase your DPS and help you survive in BGs. I hope to post them sometime this weekend, if not later tonight.

4 thoughts on “You might find this useful”

  1. Great idea! So would this work for specific targeting also?
    bone spike
    blood beast
    any place where the target is specific to that location. The macro will option down till it finds a target?

    thanks, iwanto

    • The problem with a macro like this, is it will target corpses. My first week in ICC I tried to use a /tar Bone Spike targeting macro, but it would most often lock onto a dead bone spike. Unless the mobs immediately despawn upon death, this macro will cause some trouble. So, you’d need to add something to it to make it work as intended.

      This might work…

      /cast [harm]!Auto Shot
      /tar Bone Spike
      /tar Adherent
      /tar Blood Beast

  2. Gar, I just have to say that I love your blog. Most of the hunter blogs I read are good and informative, but your blog is unbelievably USEFUL. In one post, you’ve provided me with a great macro AND a tip for making good ones in the future.’s Addon Spotlight column is requesting submissions for great Power Aura strings; I was thinking about sending them your way, since yours are so great. How would you feel about that?


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