So yea…

Fuck you, you motherfucker

I’m a little more than pissed at the moment. Those of you that stopped by the site earlier today may have noticed that it was either down or not looking like its normal self. This was because there’s been a fox in the hen house.

I’m not entirely certain how this happened, but I have a pretty good idea. I’m also none too happy about it. Restoring this site and dealing with the aftermath of malicious 3rd party software was the absolute last thing I needed at the moment.

As you may have noticed, the posts have slowed down a bit over the past few days. I did put up a brief congratulatory post directed at Frostheim of WHU for his new role over at, but apart from that I’ve been kinda quiet.

Cover your ears kids.

The reason I’ve been kinda quiet is because some fucking douchebag inserted some malicious script into my site, therefore I’ve been spending all of my fucking time troubleshooting this goddamned problem when I could have been posting instead!

In fact, it was during what would have been today’s new post that the shit really hit the fan. Midway through, my blog locked up, an error window appeared below the post field and a fucking script started running in the background with no way to stop it. Once it finished, my site was all but destroyed.

After some minor troubleshooting I was able to once again gain access to the back end, but quickly found out that I was being forbid access to areas of my own fucking site! Grrr…

After hours of toiling over this I finally decided to just chuck the fucking thing and start over. Thank goodness for backups. 😀

So, today… instead of presenting you with a fresh new post about my new and improved Beast Mastery PvP spec, then going on to have a productive afternoon which would have included getting caught up on clients’ projects, I was chained to my desk trying to unfuck this site. I am so pissed. Can you tell? 😡

Thing is, the problems actually began on Sunday. I was irritated then, but didn’t realize what exactly had happened. I’d just assumed it was a failed plugin upgrade, not to mention the problem was only affecting the forum at that time. However, troubleshooting it still stole about 4 hours of my life from me.

Then yesterday weird stuff started happening again. I was growing a little concerned, but a few restored database tables and all was well.

But today… this whole ordeal has literally cost me at least a full work day. All told, this fucking cocksucking malware inserting piece of shit, has probably cost me nearly 14 hours of headaches.

The reason I know it was due to malware, was because of a suspicious looking script that had been added sometime within the past few days. I first detected it after I noticed some really unusual markup validation errors. A quick look at my source code and I discovered the whereabouts of this dastardly little code string.

It appeared to be some sort of tracking software, and due to its name, I somewhat suspect it was being utilized to direct visitors to a phishing site. Don’t worry though, it’s been long since removed.

Ok, I feel better now. Aaaahhh… Thanks for listening.

Anyway, the problem has been eradicated, so here’s to getting on with things.

Oh yea, if you posted anything between Saturday afternoon and today, it’s gone. To be safe, I used the most current backup prior to all of the corruption. Feel free to repost your comments and/or forum posts.

8 thoughts on “So yea…”

  1. I was a little curious why the posts had dropped off! This explains it. That sucks, but at least you made backups and didn’t lose everything!

  2. Just keep this in mind. If they’re not trying to hack you, you’re not doing it right. Unfortunately it’s part of the business and it sucks, but don’t let some asshate deter you.

    • This is so true. I figured it was bound to happen eventually. Although it was a painful and labor intensive lesson, I feel smarter and stronger now having gone through it.

  3. It seems your congratulatory post to Frostheim is gone too.

    Anyways, that just sucks. Some people have nothing better to do than make other people’s lives miserable.

    • John,

      I reposted to brief grats post to Frost. It was a short text-only one, so I just did a copy past prior to taking the site down. I lost the comments, but oh well.

      I probably lost 15-20 comments as a result of this madness, but it’s a small price to pay in order to have the site clean and functional once again.

  4. Hi Daginn,

    Sorry I was busy. Normally I’ll try to answer questions about my UI right away if I’m available. However, when the site’s down it’s pretty tough. :-\

    On the topic of my UI… I started making a few tweaks to it this past weekend. Nothing major, but a few refinements. I’m also going to take another look at Shadowed UF, as Pitbull 4 development seems pretty stagnant.

    Anyway, I’ll probably post an update to it with another downloadable package.

  5. Grrr just a few hours i wanted to look at your UI for some reference, I was left to figure things out on my own 🙁
    used to having my hand held >.>
    Either way good to know the site is back up



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