Team Deadeye Clears Heroic Nexus

Solaryn, Hunter TankHello again all you happy hunters!

As I began gathering interest with this endeavor in my guild, we’ve formed a regular group of hunters and one gutsy healer. “Team Deadeye”, as we lovingly call ourselves, has made a few Heroic 5-man runs so far. Today we’ll be following our journey into the Nexus.

It began simply enough, MD pulls of single targets and groups of three, until we get to our first boss, Commander Kolurg.

Simple enough encounter, “Ok team, let’s MD pull with multishot and burn down the cleri…. WTF? No! Don’t pull yet!” Yup, we had a hunter accidentally fire off a stray arrow we think largely due to some keyspamming and lag. Ready or not here they come! At this point, we frantically start trying to control the situation, I Multi Shot the group, as 2 of the other hunters MD & Multi Shot to me. I then lay down an Explosive Trap and start whackin’.

Unfortunately in our haste, it ends up we’re all on different targets >.< Kolurg is loose, and busy slaughtering our accidental puller. I Distracting Shotted him and pulled him back, but the damage was done. She had DCed, and we suspect continued targeting him by mistake during that time. Anyway, situation back under control, we made short work of the clerics and then Kolurg. We res’d our fallen comrade and continued our quest.

A few short trash pulls later we prepare to battle Grand Magus Telestra. We decide that since she’s a caster, she’ll stay put when she splits and be easy enough to control without MD during that stage. So we MD single target pull her and begin burning her down. She splits, and much to our healer’s annoyance, her doppelgangers start attacking different hunters and make healing a bit of a challenge for about 20 seconds while we knock them down. Still, with the encounter fairly easy since she doesn’t hit terribly hard, she falls to us in short order. Next time however, we’ll save an MD or two, to Multi Shot her copies onto me to simplify things for our poor Druid.

Now the fun trash pulls! As we make our way onward the larger trash groups require the need for MD Volleys on the initial pull, as well as us having to burn down the portals. In retrospect, I probably should have marked targets, since once again everyone picked a different one. But despite the bit of chaos, we sped through them unscathed. Anomalus was a simple tank n spank, MD single target pull, burn down portals, dead. Onward Ho!

A few simple pulls later we get to Ormorok, and again a simple MD single pull, burn-burn-burn, dead. To Keristrasza!

We get to the Lady’s room, kill her little blue dragon sentry, and set up for the pull. I lay down my trap, the other hunters MD me, release her and slap her silly.

Heroic Nexus: Clear!

All in all, a pretty clean run. A few lessons learned to clean things up for future instances.

Solaryn, Hunter main tank

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  1. Stories like this are, in my mind, one of the coolest things about overgearing an instance. It makes them more FUN!! Gratz to Team Deadeye!


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