Pet stat scaling in 3.3?

This is interesting… Here’s an excerpt from an official blue post in response to some Hunter related questions in the WoW Damage Dealing forums. In it Ghostcrawler answers the burning question that’s been on so many Hunters’ minds. Is patch 3.3 going to be when pets start inheriting other stats such as haste, crit and possibly armor penetration from the Hunter?

If we can get it in. On a technical side, the implementation just ends up being a little different for every stat.

Keep in mind that pet scaling isn’t essential to good damage. It’s only essential for keeping your pet’s damage growing at the same rate as your damage, and by extension keeping your total damage growing at the same rate as other classes. There aren’t going to be 3 more tiers of content for Lich King, so it only gets to be an issue if other classes scale so much better that they leapfrog you in Icecrown / the final PvP season.

The first question was in regards to the new epic ammo, and if they were going to remove the crafting requirements. The answer was, No.

My guess is no. The pet stat scaling isn’t going to happen. Not this late in the game. This would be a pretty big benefit, especially for BM Hunters. Blizzard would have announced this by now if it were going to go live. I’m thinking this will be on more of a wait and see plan. In other words, they want to see the effect the new epic ammo and gear itemization will have on Hunter DPS as we progress through ICC.

My hope for this actually happening in 3.3 grew dim a few weeks back when the new PTR builds started getting smaller and less frequent. Oh well… look on the bright side… at least our pets will be gaining 100% resilience.

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