Your input is needed

I just want to make a quick post asking if any of you have experienced troubles with the site over the past few weeks. For example, slow page loads, failed page loads or other errors/problems.

I’ve already had to upgrade the site to the next tier VPS plan, which is something I didn’t want to resort to, due to the additional costs involved. I’ve even tried optimizing the site further, including the removal of my beloved featured content slider. 🙁 I had to jettison some items to ensure a faster and less problematic site, as well as to try and avoid the higher costs associated with additional memory.

So please, leave me a quick note below if you have experienced any disruption to the normal operation of the site within the past few weeks. I’d appreciate it.

Thank you. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Your input is needed”

  1. Hmm I must be doing something wrong then, as I have no password to post on here. I tried creating a new account to see if it was my email. After registering it said to check my email and I never had the option to create a password.

  2. Garwulf,

    Yeah, my computer has been receiving a staggeringly low amount of beast mastery in the past few weeks, and it’s not just your site (, Is it my laptop? Should I update my router and/or my processor? Or are Gondria’s toxic-looking fumes killing off BM hunters one by one?

    So here’s my question: Should I let my three Spirit Beasts go and pick up one of those obnoxious-looking “wolves” ( and upgrade to Survival for more DPS? Or will the magical 3.3 patch fix all of beast mastery’s worries?

    Please respond. I hate getting bullied by all the other wolf-toting huntards for PVE-ing as a BM. 🙁

    P.S. Noooo!! Not the content slider!!1!

    • @ OdiousLupous

      I agree. It looks very Marvel Super-VIllain.

      Good call.

      @ Jroaeyl

      Awesome Job! Send me a screenshot. I want to post your screenie along with your story. This is good news indeed.

      I wonder how crucial the Engineering buff is?

      @ Nechreal

      Good to know. Thanks for the response.

      @ Mousie

      I don’t think Gondria’s responsible for the decline of BM Hunters across Azeroth, I think it’s the boys over in Irvine at the Blizzard headquarters.

      Fear not though… Due to the abundance of pet buffs, I feel BM is going to increase its foothold in 3.3. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they revisited Bestial Wrath and The Beast Within, or perhaps did something with Arcane Shot.

      I read today that they are hoping to have pet stat scaling available for 3.3. It was stated that armor pen would not be included, but if pets start getting crit and haste in 3.3… look out. We’ll start seeing more BM Hunters. I may be back in the mix as well.

      The content slider may return. I had my PHP memory increased, so we’ll see. I sure miss it. 🙁

  3. No problems here, fast and reactive- Connecting from Italy that’s something I always welcome with a warm hug 😉


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